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For younger readers, the companion to Stephanie Alexander’s classic work, The Cook’s Companion: destined to be another go-to cookbook for families across Australia.

The Cook’s Apprentice is the essential teaching cookbook for the younger cook who’s just starting out. This wonderful book is full to the brim with everything new foodies need to know to become relaxed and confident in the kitchen.

Arranged alphabetically, The Cook’s Apprentice includes 56 ingredient chapters – from Apples to Zucchini – and more than 300 achievable recipes ranging from classics every cook will want to try to exciting new dishes that reflect our diverse nation. Stephanie takes you into her kitchen as she explains more than 100 important techniques in straightforward language, discusses the kitchen tools she likes to use, and describes ingredients you might not know: How do I whisk eggs to soft peaks? What does it mean to ‘make a well’ in dry ingredients? Why should I roast spices? How do I prepare fresh chillies safely? What is ‘resting meat’ and why should I do it? How do I prepare a mango? What flavours work well together? What is fresh mozzarella? How do I say ‘quinoa’?

The Cook’s Apprentice gives all you new cooks the inspiration you need for a lifetime of enjoyment in the kitchen.


Alexander's new book is a launch pad to greater confidence.

Country Style

Stephanie Alexander is passionate about educating students via her kitchen-garden program. This book is an extension of that mission, aimed at helping young foodies to become confident cooks of fresh food.

Australian House and Garden

Stephanie Alexander, one of Australia’s cherished cooks, has written a definitive guide brimming with tips and techniques for new foodies. It’s the perfect gift for children, teens, adults leaving home for the first time or widowers just starting out in the kitchen.

Australian Women's Weekly

Know someone who’s leaving home in the new year? Give them a copy of Stephanie Alexander’s The Cook’s Apprentice for their new kitchen. It’s part manual, part cookbook with more than 300 achievable recipes.

Canberra Times

There’s much to love about Stephanie Alexander’s The Cook’s Apprentice, with a particularly funkalicous cover to show off on your shelf.

Courier Mail

The Cook’s Apprentice is one of those keep-forever cookbooks that will become an essential tool in the kitchen, its pages blotted and dirtied with ingredients over time. The first chapters deal with cooking techniques and take new foodies through skills from how to blind-bake pastry and carve a leg of lamb to chopping onions and timing a meal. An A-Z section will take you through all the ingredients mentioned in the recipes. And then there are more than 300 recipes, from simple dishes such as five-ingredient butter-and-rocket pasta sauce to more complex examples such as Thai steamed fish.

Daily Telegraph

In The Cook’s Apprentice Stephanie Alexander offers practical advice, technical guidance and ingredient notes for cooking neophytes.


Any genuine foodie surely owns a copy of Alexander’s weighty 800-page tome The Cook’s Companion a ... Now comes another bible, this one aimed at younger cooks or those just getting into cooking.

West Australian

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Formats & editions

  • Hardback


    October 1, 2018

    Lantern Australia

    576 pages

    RRP $50.00

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Berry Pancakes

Thick, spongy pancakes from The Cook’s Apprentice – perfect for a special breakfast.

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