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'A remarkable writer-he captures the common ache of contemporary heart and head' Jay McInerney

When a man's favourite elephant vanishes, the balance of his whole life is subtly upset; a couple's midnight hunger pangs drive them to hold up a McDonald's; a woman finds she is irresistible to a small green monster that burrows through her front garden; an insomniac wife wakes up to a twilight world of semi-consciousness in which anything seems possible - even death. In every one of the stories that make up The Elephant Vanishes, Murakami makes a determined assault on the normal. He has a deadpan genius for dislocating realities to uncover the surreal in the everyday, the extraordinary in the ordinary.


How does Murakami manage to make poetry while writing of contemporary life and emotions? I am weak-kneed with admiration

Independent on Sunday

Enchanting...intriguing... All of these tales have a wonderfully surreal quality and a hip, witty tone

Wall Street Journal

All the stories take place in parallel worlds not so much remote from ordinary life as hidden within its surfaces: secret alleys that afford unexpected - and unsettling - views

New York Times

Like the best thriller fiction, it nags you with the sensation that Something Nasty is about to happen

Sunday Times

Most collections of short stories work by the interplay of different voices. This one offers the more satisfying rewards of a novel: unity of tone and a richness of recurring detail that creates its own texture: spaghetti, lawns, hamburgers, beer-drinking, kid sisters, Sunday afternoons, a man's name


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