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  • Published: 26 November 2020
  • ISBN: 9781473583528
  • Imprint: Cornerstone Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 208

The OMG Effect

60-Second Sermons to Live a Fuller Life

***Bite-sized wisdom for busy people that will lift your spirits and help you live a fuller life - from Instagram's answer to the 'Hot Priest' from Fleabag.***

NOW AVAILABLE: Bite-sized wisdom and inspirational advice to lift your spirits and help you live a fuller life - from Instagram's answer to Fleabag's 'Hot Priest'.
One minute could change your life.

Reverend Christopher Lee is a young vicar who has taken the internet by storm. With more Instagram followers than the Arch Bishop of Canterbury and the Church of England put together, Rev Chris helps and inspires hundreds of thousands of his followers everyday with his sixty-second sermons, full of bite-sized wisdom for busy people.

From family to faith, career to community, self-care to self-worth, The OMG Effect encapsulates Rev Chris Lee's uplifting message of positivity and inclusivity, which has inspired millions of people globally regardless of their religious beliefs (or lack thereof) and, throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Rev. Chris Lee has been live-streaming prayer and faith sessions for those under lock-down, quarantine, or in self-isolation to help fight loneliness, give hope, and bring people together.

Whether you're struggling with your self-esteem, trying to find your purpose, or dealing with disappointment, get ready to refresh your outlook, rediscover your self-worth, and start living a fuller life.

'You are loved. You are precious. You are of vital importance.' Rev Chris Lee

What people on Instagram are saying about Rev Chris Lee:

'This is so universally applicable. Your sermons reach far and wide and are so healing. I needed to hear this today.'

'I've always been more spiritual than religious and veered away from the church, but you bring such love and light energy to the world.'

'I'm an atheist and I'd have a pint with Rev Chris. He has a good heart.'

'Rev Chris is the wholesome kind of positivity this world needs. I'm not even a religious person, and I'm over here nodding along like I know the good word.'

'You are the only Christian I can stand, tbh.'

'I'm not Christian but I always receive positive vibes from your account.'

'I'm not spiritual or anything. But I love your sermons because it still applies to life anyways.'

'Keep spreading those positive vibes, we need more people like you Rev Chris!!'

  • Published: 26 November 2020
  • ISBN: 9781473583528
  • Imprint: Cornerstone Digital
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 208

About the author

Chris Lee

The Reverend Chris Lee is the vicar of St Saviour’s church, part of the London diocese of the Church of England. At the age of twenty-four, while teaching English at a mission in Tanzania, Chris completed a distance learning degree to become a priest and was ordained a deacon in the diocese of Mt Kilimanjaro. Upon returning to England, he trained for ordained ministry at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. Chris now shares his uplifting sixty-second sermons with over 150k Instagram followers every day, and his videos have amassed over 400 million of views on YouTube. He lives in west London with his wife and their two young daughters.

Praise for The OMG Effect

The hottest thing in the Church of England right now. . . The Rev Chris is kind, thoughtful, relevant.


Rev. Chris Lee takes his message not just to his local congregation but to everyone. One of the things that's really touched base on Instagram is his 60 Second Sermons. . . it's like a bite-sized chunk of thought that people can take on board.


An internet sensation.


His quirky, fun approach has connected with young people . . . and he has been compared to the 'Hot Priest' in the BBC Comedy Fleabag.


It's amazing how sometimes you hear something that speaks to your soul! Thank you for your beautiful words!

from Instagram

I am not religious in the least, but I still like listening to your sermons and thoughts.

from Instagram

Could we clone this priest like a million times? What a lovely soul.

from YouTube

The internet's favourite Vicar

Holly Willoughby

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