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A stunning visual encyclopedia of the elements

The Periodic Table Book is the perfect visual guide to the chemical elements that make up our world.
This eye-catching encyclopedia takes children on a visual tour of the 118 chemical elements of the periodic table, from argon to zinc. It explores the naturally occurring elements, as well as the man-made ones, and explains their properties and atomic structures.
Using more than 1,000 full-colour photographs, The Periodic Table Book shows the many natural forms of each element, as well as a wide range of both everyday and unexpected objects in which it is found, making each element relevant for the child's world.


...in this bright, brand-new publication from DK those new to the wonders of chemistry are able to understand it better through the use of clear explanations and thousands of photographs and diagrams, starting with an explanation of just what an element is.

Barbara Braxton, Teacher Librarian, The Bottom Shelf

All in all this is a well presented book that can pull its own weight in the arena of books about the elements, but is also accessible for young and future scientists as well as those of us who have let our knowledge of the periodic table slip a little in the years since school.

Stephanie O'Connell, 100% Rock Magazine

...this book has so many things that you can discover!

Michelle Vamvas, In the Good Books Blog

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Formats & editions

  • Hardback


    April 3, 2017

    DK Knowledge

    208 pages

    RRP $40.00

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