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About the book
  • Published: 1 June 2012
  • ISBN: 9780099565871
  • Imprint: Vintage
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 528
  • RRP: $29.99

The Popes

A History

An irresistible account of some of history’s most illustrious – and iniquitous – figures, from one of our best-loved historians.

Well known for his histories of Norman Sicily, Venice, the Byzantine Empire and the Mediterranean, John Julius Norwich has now turned his attention to the oldest continuing institution in the world, tracing the papal line down the centuries from St Peter himself – traditionally (though by no means historically) the first pope – to the present Benedict XVI.

Of the 280-odd holders of the supreme office, some have unques­tionably been saints; others have wallowed in unspeakable iniquity. One was said to have been a woman – and an English woman at that – her sex being revealed only when she improvidently gave birth to a baby during a papal procession. Pope Joan never existed (though the Church long believed she did) but many genuine pontiffs were almost as colourful: Formosus, for example, whose murdered corpse was exhumed, clothed in pontifical vestments, propped up on a throne and subjected to trial; or John XII of whom Gibbon wrote: 'his rapes of virgins and widows deterred female pilgrims from visiting the shrine of St Peter lest, in the devout act, they should be violated by his successor.’

Others earned respect, including Leo the Great who protected Rome from the Huns and the Goths, and Gregory the Great who struggled manfully with the emperor for supremacy. After calamitous crusades, and 70-year exile in Avignon, came the larger-than-life pontiffs of the Renassiance – the Borgias and the Medicis ('God has given us the papacy; let us now enjoy it'). Pius VII had to contend with Napoleon, Pius IX to steer the papacy through the storm of the Risorgimento. John Julius Norwich brings the story up-to-date with lively investigations into the anti-semitism of Pius XII, the possible murder of John Paul I and the phenomenon of the Polish John Paul II. From here the glories of the Byznatium to the decay of Rome, from the Albigensian Heresy to sexual misbehaviour within the Church today, the pace never slackens.

John Julius Norwich, an agnostic with no religious axe to grind, has a thrilling and important tale to tell – and in this rich, authoritative book he does it full justice.

  • Pub date: 1 June 2012
  • ISBN: 9780099565871
  • Imprint: Vintage
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 528
  • RRP: $29.99

About the Author

Viscount John Julius Norwich

John Julius Norwich is the author of histories of Norman Sicily, the Republic of Venice, the Byzantine Empire, the Mediterranean and, most recently, The Popes. He is also the editor of Darling Monster, a collection of letters his mother Lady Diana Cooper wrote to him. He has written on architecture, music and the history plays of Shakespeare, and has presented some thirty historical documentaries on BBC Television.

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Praise for The Popes

“The stories are glorious...stuffed with monsters, absurdities, wonders and politics, just as you would expect from any human institution... The Popes is sharp, fun and wonderfully energetic through its many, many pages”


“A highly readable book”

Sunday Times

“One of the most bizarre and enjoyable history books I've ever read”

Daily Express

“Norwich certainly has an eye for the tiny detail that illuminates a whole character”

Mail on Sunday

“To keep such a light touch, without sacrificing academic seriousness, is a distinct achievement”



Sunday Telegraph

“Stylish and enjoyably opinionated”


“Light spring reading for the serious-minded”


“Rattlingly stylish”

Tribune Magazine

“While this is a big book on a complex topic, it is a manageable one, displaying urbane literary skill”


“Charming and learned...The prose is elegant, the witticisms are plentiful, and the volume's enthusiasm is addictive.”

BBC History Magazine

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