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  • Published: 6 June 2023
  • ISBN: 9781529115543
  • Imprint: Vintage
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 496
  • RRP: $26.00

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Stylish and open-hearted, this is a very different kind of love story, elevated and energised by being set in the world of creativity and video gaming


'I loved this book' Jojo Moyes

This is the story of Sam and Sadie. It's not a romance, but it is about love.

When Sam catches sight of Sadie at a crowded train station one winter morning he is catapulted back to the brief time they spent playing together as children. Their unique spark is instantly reignited.

What comes next is a story of friendship and rivalry, fame and creativity, betrayal and tragedy, perfect worlds and imperfect ones. And, ultimately, our need to connect: to be loved and to love.

'Love, friendship and betrayal...gorgeous' Sunday Telegraph
'One of the best books I've ever read' John Green
'I loved it' Celeste Ng
'This blew me away' Pandora Sykes

  • Published: 6 June 2023
  • ISBN: 9781529115543
  • Imprint: Vintage
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 496
  • RRP: $26.00

About the author

Gabrielle Zevin

GABRIELLE ZEVIN is a New York Times and internationally best-selling novelist whose critically acclaimed books have been translated into forty languages. Her most recent novel is Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, which was featured on over thirty “Best Books of the Year” lists, including the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time, Entertainment Weekly, NPR, Slate, and the Atlantic. Her other books include Young Jane Young, Elsewhere, and The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry, which is now a feature film. She lives in Los Angeles.

Praise for Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

The sort of book that comes around once in a decade - a magnificent feat of storytelling. It is a book about the intersection between love and friendship, work and vocation, and the impossible and relentless pull of our own west-bound destinies

REBECCA SERLE, author of In Five Years

I feel completely changed by this book from Gabrielle Zevin. It's a book about love - about friendship, but really it transcends the borders of storytelling. My heart ached when I finished it. Truly unforgettable

CATHERINE CHO, author of Inferno

Utterly brilliant. In this sweeping, gorgeously written novel, Gabrielle Zevin charts the beauty, tenacity, and fragility of human love and creativity. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow is one of the best books I've ever read

John Green

A beautifully wrought saga of human connection and the creative process, of love and all of its complicated levels. A gem of a novel, intimate yet sweeping, modern yet timeless. Bits of this book lingered in my head the way ghosts of Tetris pieces continue to fall in your mind's eye after playing


Zevin's delight in her characters, their qualities, and their projects sprinkles a layer of fairy dust over the whole enterprise. Sure to enchant even those who have never played a video game in their lives, with instant cult status for those who have.


An exquisite love letter to life

Tayari Jones, Women's Prize-winning author of AN AMERICAN MARRIAGE

A one-of-a-kind achievement

Publishers Weekly

A brilliant story about life's most challenging puzzles: friendship, family, love, loss. By turns funny, poignant, wistful, and occasionally devastating


When was the last time I read a book that surrounded me like this? . . . I'm blown away

KATIE CLAPHAM, Storytellers Inc

All I want to do is just sit and read it and abandon everything else

ANNA JAMES, author of Pages & Co

I love it so much. So so much

MELINDA SALISBURY, author of The Sin Eater's Daughter

Sam and Sadie's relationship is pure wizardry; it's deep and complex, transcending anything we might call a love story. Whether you care about video games or not is beside the point. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow is the novel you've been waiting to read

Book Page, Chika Gujarathi

A particularly memorable and compelling kind of love story... [a] nuanced depiction of human connection over 30 years that will have you blinking back tears behind your sunglasses

Culture Whisper, *Summer Reads of 2022*

"Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow" is actually a novel about friendship . . . a creative partnership as intense as a marriage . . . draws any curious reader into the pioneering days of a vast entertainment industry too often scorned by bookworms. And with the depth and sensitivity of a fine fiction writer, Zevin argues for the abiding appeal of the flickering screen

Ron Charles, Washington Post

Love, loss, plus '90s pop culture make this the perfect high/low mash-up


My #1 book to recommend

EMMA STRAUB, New York Times bestselling author of All Adults Here

dazzling and intricately imagined

B&N Reads

Zevin's writing is like being put under a spell. She's kind of magical.

Liberty Hardy, WBEZ

Sure to enchant even those who have never played a video game in their lives, with instant cult status for those who have.





Wall Street Journal

delightful and absorbing . . . expansive and entertaining

Tom Bissell, New York Times

The go-to for your next hit of Nineties nostalgia; if you ever spent too long playing Donkey Kong, this one's for you

Evening Standard, *Summer Reads of 2022*

You'll be sobbing behind your Celine sunnies

Evening Standard

An artfully balanced novel - charming but never saccharine. The world Zevin has created is textured, expansive and, just like those built by her characters, playful

Pippa Bailey, Observer

This is a boy meets girl story that is never a romance - though it is romantic . . . Their relationship is a joining of minds and of worlds that is both purer and sweeter than any base physical attraction

Pippa Bailey, Observer

Big-hearted, generous, intelligent and open to the complexities of life

Irish Independent

Tremendous new novel about art, friendship and gaming . . . a literary blockbuster destined to be filed in the Great American Novel category

Helen Brown, Independent

A novel that treasures the act of play and holds it sacred . . . the world of video games and video game development is just the landscape in which life plays out . . . Tomorrow is about love, above all things

Sarah Maria Griffin, Guardian

Utterly absorbing


I cannot recommend it highly enough

HANK GREEN, Instagram

Delightful and absorbing

Tom Bissell, International New York Times

You needn't be a gamer to be charmed by this immersive tale of friendship, creativity and life's messy wonders

Mail on Sunday

Teenagers of the 21st century are as likely to bond over video games as they are rock music or movies. Gabrielle Zevin's exhilarating, timely and emotive book is perhaps the first novel to truly get to grips with what this means


Exhilarating... this is refreshingly original


It is the imaginary world of a game, a world Zevin describes with the addict's ardour, which forms a universe even the sturdiest parent or antediluvian book-lover will be enticed into.

Big Issue

Friendship, love, loyalty, violence in America and the magic of invented worlds. Gorgeous


This BLEW me away -- I've never read anything like it

Pandora Sykes, Instagram

I recently read this book and loved it - it's the story of a friendship that waxes and wanes and evolves over the years, the kind that seldom gets depicted in fiction. Plus, it's a love letter to video games, the stories they tell and the way we use art to try to make meaning in our lives

Celeste Ng, Washington Post

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow is a special book -- one that transports readers fully, as games do their players, into its immaculately crafted world

The Times

Woven throughout are meditations on originality, appropriation, the similarities between video games and other forms of art, the liberating possibilities of inhabiting a virtual world, and the ways in which platonic love can be deeper and more rewarding - especially in the context of a creative partnership - than romance.

New Yorker

Zevin probes at many of the themes that energize video games as a medium: their narrative depth, their therapeutic value, their casual violence, their toxic industry. And the possibility of living a better life in a virtual world


Despite having an engrossing plot, the book reminds you that plot is never really the point of a great novel, and this is a great novel

Erica Wagner, Financial Times

Zevin has the ability to make you care about her creations within paragraphs of meeting them... whose fates I consistently worried about when I occasionally had to put the book aside.

Financial Times

[An] engrossing, delightful novel... Zevin has the ability to make you care about her creations within paragraphs of meeting them... [Tomorrow] is rich with characters whose intertwined fates power the narrative

Financial Times

This book, with its respect for craft-the craft of love and games, or loving games-will remind you of how abundant one life is, how lucky we are to keep each other in our memories forever.


[I] raced through this pure wonder of a book in a few days

NINA MINGYA POWLES, author of Small Bodies of Water

I read this in one sitting - I physically couldn't put it down. It is just as wonderful as everyone says

LOUISE O'NEILL, author of Idol

A 2022 book that everyone should read

Pandora Sykes, Stylist LIVE

A must-read

Neil Druckmann

Anyone who reads Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow can't stop talking about it


Utterly beautiful and endlessly hopeful, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow is a love letter to life, friendship, and creativity

The Skinny, *Books of 2022*

Anyone who reads Tomorrow can't stop talking about it. The story of Sam and Sadie and the worlds they create is something truly special


[The] 2022 book that everyone should read

Pandora Sykes, Stylist Live

My #1 book to recommend . . . incredible, like The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon meets The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer. It's about love and friendship and video games

Emma Straub

It feels right that the best video game novel out there is by a woman. Her story about the decades-long friendship and partnership between video game designers Sam and Sadie gets at so much about work, love and storytelling. It's a book that spawns great conversations.

Irenosen Okojie, author of Nudibranch


Karen Joy Fowler, Guardian

Gets at so much about work, love and storytelling. It's a book that spawns great conversations

Maggie Shipstead, Guardian

A must-read

Neil Druckmann, on Instagram

In following Sam and Sadie's journey from Massachusetts to California and into the imagined worlds of their games, Zevin writes the most precious kind of love story

Time Magazine, Best Novel of the Year

Zevin's writing is poetic, the plot is entertaining, moving and gripping and the nods to real life video games make it all feel incredibly real

Skinny, *Books of the Year*

Reading this is almost like an invitation from Zevin to enter a game...with every scene and moment so carefully constructed. Just brilliant

Skinny, *Books of the Year*

I loved it

Sarah Keyworth


James Patterson

This book is impossibly good-one of the best books I've ever read in my entire life. I press it into people's hands with a demented kind of urgency. 'Yeah, yeah, I don't care about video games either. I promise you'll love it.' And everybody does. How did Gabrielle Zevin write such a perfect novel about friendship? I mean, really. How? In any case, she did, and it's a treasure


I loved this book

Jojo Moyes

OMG I love this book SO MUCH . . . pick it up, it's WONDERFUL

Joanna Cannon, Twitter

Terrific...Zevin is a great writer who makes you care deeply about her characters.


A hugely enjoyable novel about lives and loves mediated by technology

Guardian, *Summer Reads of 2023*

I recently devoured Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin. So enjoyable.

Zadie Smith, Guardian

I loved this novel about two kids setting up a computer games company. What fascinated me is it's not about a romantic relationship but friendship.

Mat Osman, The Times

This playful, accomplished novel is a poignant celebration of friendship, love - and gaming

Daily Mail

The perfect engrossing holiday read...beautiful and heartbreaking

The Times, *Summer Reads of 2023*

Oh my god, I couldn’t put it down and it made me cry – I love it when a book makes me cry – and I didn’t want it to end... I really loved it

Geri Halliwell

I LOVED this!... Magnificent... Such wisdom and tenderness about friendship and love as the years march on. Wonderful

Russell T Davies


Zoe Sugg

Engrossing...beautiful and heartbreaking

The Times

Love, friendship and betrayal . . . Gorgeous

Sunday Telegraph

An engrossing coming-of-age story

Sunday Times, *Books of the Year*

Epic in scale, with unforgettable characters, it breaks you heart and puts it back together

Daily Express, *Books of the Year*

Lovely...good escapism for me

Rishi Sunak, Spectator

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