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Article  •  30 May 2016


Who’s your doctor?

Watch the TV series, read the books and rate your favourite Doctors.

The Wise First Doctor: Portrayed by William Hartnell
Signature item: Walking cane
Catchphrase: ‘Mm? What’s that, my boy?’
Best baddies: The Daleks, the Cybermen, The Mad Monk
Most notable Companion: Susan Foreman
Classic book: Ten Little Aliens

The Cunning Second Doctor: Portrayed by Patrick Troughton
Signature item: Recorder
Catchphrase: ‘When I say run, run. RUN!’
Best baddies: The Ice Warriors, The Yeti, Dalek Emperor
Most notable Companion: Jamie McCrimmon
Classic book: Dreams of Empire

The Charming Third Doctor: Portrayed by Jon Pertwee
Signature item: ‘Bessie’, his yellow car
Catchphrase: ‘Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.’
Best baddies: The Autons, The Master, The Sontarans
Most notable Companion: Sarah Jane Smith
Classic book: Last of the Gaderene

The Manic Fourth Doctor: Portrayed by Tom Baker
Signature item: That scarf
Catchphrase: ‘Would you care for a jelly baby?’
Best baddies: Davros, The Zygons, Borusa
Most notable Companion: K–9
Classic book: Festival of Death

The Crusading Fifth Doctor: Portrayed by Peter Davidson
Signature item: Celery stalk on his lapel
Catchphrase: ‘Brave heart, Tegan.’
Best baddies: The Black Guardian, Omega, Kamelion
Most notable Companion: Adric
Classic book: Fear of the Dark

The Egotistical Sixth Doctor: Portrayed by Colin Baker
Signature item: Patchwork coat
Catchphrase: ‘Mmm I wonder…Aha!’
Best baddies: The Rani, The High Council of Time Lords
Most notable Companion: Peri Brown
Classic book: Players

The Shrewd Seventh Doctor: Portrayed by Sylvester McCoy
Signature item: Umbrella with question mark handle
Catchphrase: ‘Somewhere there’s danger, somewhere there’s injustice, somewhere else, the tea’s getting cold.’
Best baddies: The Gods of Ragnarok, Renegade Daleks
Most notable Companion: Ace
Classic book: Remembrance of the Daleks

The Debonair Eighth Doctor: Portrayed by Paul McGann
Signature item: Anything he can steal
Best baddies: The Master
Most notable Companion: Grace Holloway
Classic book: Earthworld

The Tortured Ninth Doctor: Portrayed by Chriostopher Eccelston
Signature item: Leather jacket
Catchphrase: ‘Fantastic!’
Best baddies: The slitheen, Bad Wolf Corporation
Most notable Companion: Rose Tyler
Classic book: Only Human


The Noble Tenth Doctor: Portrayed by David Tennant
Signature item: Glasses
Catchphrase: ‘Brilliant!’
Best baddies: Ood, The Weeping Angels, Harold Saxon
Most notable Companion: Donna Noble
Classic book: Beautiful Chaos

The Paradoxical Eleventh Doctor: Portrayed by Matt Smith
Signature item: Fez
Catchphrase: ‘Bow ties are cool.’
Best baddies: The new Daleks, The Silence, The Great Intelligence
Most notable Companion: Amy Pond
Classic book: The Silent Stars Go By

The Impossible Twelfth Doctor: Portrayed by Peter Capaldi
Signature Item: Electric Guitar, Sonic Sunglasses
Catchphrase: I'm not a hugging person (or variants of)
Best Baddies: Missy, Ashildr (Me)
Most Notable Companion: Clara Oswald
Classic Book: Doctor Who: Royal Blood

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