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Aotearoa Through Many Eyes

The story behind I Am New Zealand.

What’s your vision of New Zealand?

An inner-city street in the rain, a campervan under a clear and starry night sky, a high-octane sport or a traffic jam of sheep? This book collects a range of personal views of Aotearoa from photographers, both amateur and professional, along with their thoughts on what makes New Zealand.

This collection of photographs offers a range of those that truly say I AM NEW ZEALAND.

This book takes you on a visual journey from Te Paki in the north to the Catlins and Stewart Island in the south, with striking images of the people and places that make New Zealand unique.

When Nikon invited the photographic community to build an image map of the nation online at iamnewzealand.co.nz, a breathtaking collection of images was posted by a range of ordinary people, from an 11-year-old working on a therapeutic art project and a 15-year-old with a passion for mountain biking, through to photographers with decades of experience. Locals and tourists, enthusiastic amateurs and fully professional photographers alike made use of the technical equipment and skills at their disposal to produce amazing shots.

Each photographer’s thoughts about their image add another layer of interest — whether those thoughts are about how and why they took the photograph, its deeply personal meaning, or how the image relates to New Zealand and our future as a nation.

These images will inspire and uplift — and probably give you the urge to go and find your own camera and get shooting!

All royalties from the sale of this book will go to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.


We are proud partners in the creative expression of New Zealand’s community of storytellers. Providing the very best in reliable technological innovation, Nikon has, for over a century, pursued, advanced and explored the possibilities of light as a pioneer of optical technologies.

Photographers are continually changing and enhancing their vision, and Nikon strives to create innovative equipment to empower the photographer behind the camera to realise their vision. Light has guided our way for the past 100 years, and illuminates our path for the next 100 years as we strive to enlighten the human  experience through curiosity, acceptance and power.

James Murray
Managing Director
Nikon Australia

I Am New Zealand

A fresh look at Aotearoa New Zealand through the lenses of many photographers.

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