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Article  •  13 February 2019


Real Readers Review: Charlie Changes into a Chicken

We asked young Kiwi readers all over NZ to read and review Sam Copeland’s side-splitting debut junior fiction novel – here’s what they had to say:

‘I really enjoyed finding out about all of the fun things that Charlie does, my favourite part was when Charlie's brother got out of the hospital. Charlie really wanted to play with his brother and I would miss my brother if he was in hospital. I found the book very funny to read and I liked it a lot. I have shared the book with my older brother and sister and I would also recommend it to my friends. ‘

  • Alice, 6, Wellington


‘I would love it if the book was a bit longer. I wanted more of the humour!! I would recommend it for ages 71/2 up. Great book!!’

  • Eli, age 10, Auckland


‘I think that the author has a clever way with words, he uses humour throughout the book to keep you reading on and on. He is good at making you feel like you know the characters and you can imagine meeting the kids at your own school. I think that the book would suit people with creative minds aged between 7-9 and is a must have for any school library.’

  • Isla, age 10, Gisborne


‘One of the things that I liked about the book was that you came up with a problem really well, which was Charlie's stress. Charlie had lots of things to worry about like his dad and his brother being in hospital. I liked all of Charlie's friends and how they helped him with his worries and when he started turning into animals. I think this would be a good book for lots of kids. Especially ones who sometimes get worried about things like Charlie does.’

  • Judah, age 7, Wellington


‘Do you know how it feels to change into different animals such as pigeons, fleas, spiders and so on when you are worried? I definitely don’t because I have never changed into one in my whole life. I think the author has done really well because he makes a real picture in the mind of the reader about what’s happening and hooking the reader into the book like they were one of the characters. I personally loved the book because it was a mystery and an adventure and you never knew what was going to come next.’

  • Maja, age 9, Auckland


‘One of my favorite parts is when three French pigeons fight over who is going to marry Charlie! My body couldn't help but shake with laughter. I enjoyed the book a lot because the characters are hilarious. The book is funny. Everyone would like it especially people who laugh out loud.’

  • Maren, age 10, Auckland


‘In Sam Copeland’s extremely funny novel you'll find yourself laughing non-stop and wondering what will happen till the very last word. Highly recommended for all ages.’

  • Piper, age 9, Christchurch


‘The book was easy to read with just a few tricky words. I was able to read it mostly on my own...I am 7 years old. I would say that 5-year old’s and up would enjoy the story if their Mum or Dad read it to them. My Mum and I read parts together and we had a nice laugh!’

  • Sophie, age 7, Auckland

Charlie Changes Into a Chicken Sam Copeland

The first in a sidesplitting new series about a boy who keeps changing into animals. Perfect for fans of Pamela Butchart and Kid Normal.

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