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Article  •  02 October 2019


Real Readers Review: Frankly in Love

What do NZ YA fans really think of David Yoon's new book?

Frankly in Love debuted on the New York Times bestseller list, has been all over international media and film rights have already been optioned by Paramount.

Early readers here at Penguin HQ gave the book rave reviews but we were still keen to find out what the discerning NZ fans of YA thought. So we sent some copies out to the members of our YA community, Turning Pages, and asked them to send us their reviews. Here’s what they had to say!

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‘“The relationships felt real. There was never a moment when I felt like the relationships veered into the zone of completely unrealistic with a side order of overdramatized dialogue that some YA novels have in excess.”

– Jessi-Lee


 “The characters were so well written, real and flawed. The story covered so much of how our world is today, the good the bad and the ugly.”

– Allyssa


“Something is in the water with the Yoon family... they are henceforth the King and Queen of the brilliantly-funny-and-heartbreaking-diverse-YA-contemporary.”

– Caitlin


 “Frankly in Love made me laugh, made me cry, made me feel SUPER nostalgic (especially with that feeling of seeing everybody from school for the last time) and brought a lot of awareness to me. An absolutely amazing read!”

– Chloe E


“This book was funny and heart breaking at the same time.”

– Ellen


 “I fell in love with Frank’s geekiness, his ability to love and his trying to work out where he fits in life.”

– Shona


 “The audience sees Frank's whole heart, and all the small parts of him, the people he knows, his effect on the others around him, and his excellent development throughout the book, which all make him seem almost like a real person.”

 - Jessica Walton


 “‘Frankly In Love’ will leave you hanging off every page as you journey through Frank’s struggles and new experiences of his life with him.”

– Lily Pearce


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