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Article  •  24 August 2022


Meet the characters from The Thursday Murder Club

Get ready for more antics and adventures from the third book in the Thursday Murder Club series. Refresh your memory on the characters from The Thursday Murder Club before The Bullet That Missed comes out this September.

The Thursday Murder Club is a wildly entertaining series by Richard Osman that follows the investigations of four elderly – and mostly amateur – sleuths as they put their skills together to solve crimes and bring justice to the Cooper Chase Retirement Village and beyond.

The first and second books, The Thursday Murder Club and The Man Who Died Twice, were extremely well-received as readers fell in love with Osman’s fast-paced plotline and character-driven story. The upcoming third book, The Bullet That Missed, is sure to live up to the previous novels as a cold case turns white hot and the series’ protagonist is faced with the ultimate mission: Kill or be killed.

Heartwarming, humorous and a whole lot of fun, The Thursday Murder Club strikes all the right chords, making The Bullet That Missed a must-read release of 2022.

Before you dig in though, refresh your memory with this quick summary of the club’s members. We can’t wait to see what shenanigans they get up to in The Bullet That Missed.

The Thursday Murder Club characters

Elizabeth Best

Elizabeth Best is an ex-spy, resident at Cooper Chase Retirement Village and founder of the Thursday Murder Club. Elizabeth doesn’t play games, and if her experience in espionage has taught her anything, it’s how to get what she wants. The driving force of the Thursday Murder Club’s antics, Elizabeth spearheads their investigations. Even in her old age, Elizabeth is just as strong and fiery as ever, regularly employing tactics of intimidation and deception to get the info she wants. Despite her tough-as-nails exterior, however, Elizabeth’s vulnerable side comes out in her personal life as she deals with the reality of her husband’s dementia.

Joyce Meadowcroft

Joyce Meadowcroft is a former nurse and the newest member of the Thursday Murder Club. Befitting for her nursely duties, Joyce is a calm, kind elderly woman who seems to truly wants the best for others. Despite her warm personality, Joyce is a clever investigator who makes the perfect match to Elizabeth’s tougher tactics. Her entertaining reflections on everything from shopping on ASOS to figuring out Instagram make her one of the most relatable characters in the series.

Ibrahim Arif

Ibrahim is a lovely ex-psychiatrist who acts as the glue that binds the Thursday Murder club together. Like the other club members, he is a resident at the Cooper Chase Retirement Village, but unlike the others, he is much more soft-spoken. For much of The Man Who Died Twice, Ibrahim is quite reclusive, living in fear after being attacked by a thug. Nevertheless, he continues to play an important part in their investigations while they support his mental and physical recovery.

Ron Richie

Ron Ritchie is a headstrong former union activist who completes the Thursday Murder club. Though his rashness can be a bit off-putting, he’s a perfect fit for the club, as he trusts nobody but his three friends to tell the truth. In both The Thursday Murder Club and The Man Who Died Twice, Ron has his own motivations for participating in the investigations, trying to clear his son’s name in the first book and get revenge on Ibrahim’s attacker in the second book.


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