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Article  •  20 October 2023


What we're reading this long weeked!

Are you after a book for this long weekend? Why not try one of these books that our Penguin Random House NZ team loved!

Adventures with Emilie Victoria Bruce

Victoria Bruce’s uplifting account of tackling Aotearoa’s longest walking trail with her seven-year-old daughter – all while battling PTSD and coming to terms with a life full of trauma – will inspire you to get moving on that tramping adventure with loved ones that you’ve been putting off. In the meantime, her gorgeous and vivid writing about our beautiful natural landscape will sustain you until you can get out there yourself!



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The Last Devil To Die Richard Osman

This totally encapsulates the wider Thursday Murder Club series. Richard Osman's storytelling is cosy, fun, and a little bit twee all while striking a balance between the humour and some truly heart wrenching moments. The usual gang of enthusiastic retirees are all there, though some are playing a different role than usual!

In a peaceful retirement village, four unlikely friends meet up to investigate unsolved murders.

With its delightful blend of murder mystery, humour, and heartfelt moments, it's definitely a must-read.



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The Burnout Sophie Kinsella

It’s that time of year where it feels like many of us are teetering on the edge of burnout, and this highly relatable rom-com about burnout (surprise surprise!) is the perfect escapist remedy.

Sasha's on a journey of self-discovery at a Devon resort and encounters an unexpected partner in her quest for relaxation, the grumpy Finn (a classic rom-com pairing). Their banter adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the story, making it a perfect choice for those in need of a light-hearted read.

It's a classic feel-good book that you'll read in one sitting over the weekend.



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The Night House Jo Nesbo

Creepy, edge of the seat, twisty, don’t want to say too much as it will give it away but I’ll end you with the ending was very unexpected… I loved it!



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The Deck Fiona Farrell

I loved The Deck!

It is thoughtful read that reflects the themes from The Decameron – a 14th Century book of stories told through a group of friends hiding out from a plague in a country villa. There is no need to be familiar with The Decameron to enjoy this book, but it creates an interesting frame for the stories and a clever reflection of the chaos and quiet of our own pandemic experience.

Fiona Farrell’s characters are beautifully formed, with so much going on inside their heads that lead to fascinating dialogue and insight into their interactions.

I have thought often of the characters and setting since finishing this book, which for me is the mark a great piece of writing.



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