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The Origins of Everything

David Christian explores our place in the continuum of the Universe.

Ruby Wax: Why I haven't made a New Year’s resolution

Comedian and mental health guru Ruby Wax recommends steering clear of life-altering new year's resolutions. Here's why...

The Magic Powers of Toys

Robert Dinsdale, author of The Toymakers, on the instinct of kindness and the power of toys.

7 things to know about the new James Bond book by Anthony Horowitz

Anthony Horowitz returns with Forever and a Day, the explosive prequel to Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale.

Six things you need to know about The President is Missing

President Bill Clinton and bestselling author James Patterson have teamed up to write the thriller of the year. It's all top secret, of course, but here's a quick peek behind the scenes...

Top Tips for Healthy Living

Inspirational blogger Makaia Carr shares her top tips for living your best life.

A Book a Day

Six health benefits of reading.

Top Ten Classic Kiwi Phrases

From the dairy to the beach to the hangi — in fact, anywhere Kiwis hang out — you’ll find the following crackers being used.

Go Girl Profile - Kate Sheppard

'We rely on our husbands to choose the politicians for us.’

Kate smiled politely and thought 'Rubbish.'

Go Girl Profile - Sophie Pascoe

If Sophie said, ‘I can’t do that,’ they’d say, ‘Why not try it and see?’
Nine times out of ten, Sophie could do whatever it was.

Two Way Communication

The special meaning behind the cover of Hemi Kelly's A Maori Word A Day.


Simple Stress Management Tips

From pressure to positive energy.

Writing White Chrysanthemum

Mary Lynn Bracht on the harrowing, life-changing process of researching and writing White Chrysanthemum.

10 Objects You May Have Missed From Star Wars: The Last Jedi™

Including Snoke’s slippers.

5 Awesome Resistance Women of Star Wars: The Last Jedi™

Resistance women we want to be.

Meet Porgs: The Heartwarming Seabirds of Star Wars: The Last Jedi™

Where can we get one?!

Give Yourself a Lagom Time Out

Practical tips to finding a better balance with The Lagom Life.

5 Extraordinary Natural Wonders You Need to See Right Now

Believe it or not, these are real!

Researching The Tea Gardens

Fiona McIntosh on studying 1930’s Britain and India in pursuit of the perfect setting for her latest novel.

Short Story Club - 23 November

Read the story being discussed on Jesse Mulligan’s show on Radio New Zealand on 23 November 2017