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DR BECCA LEVY is the Professor of Epidemiology and the Chair of the Yale School of Public Health, Social & Behavioral Sciences Department. She is also a Professor of Psychology in the Yale University Department of Psychology. She is the leader and pioneer of a field of study that focuses on how both positive and negative age stereotypes affect the health of older individuals and has led WHO efforts to investigate the impact of ageism on the health of older people. She has published many articles, won numerous awards for her work and been cited widely across the media. She speaks extensively about her work around the world, including in the UK, Singapore, Korea, Germany, Switzerland and of course the US.

Books by Becca Levy

Breaking the Age Code

Stunning revelations and powerful, scientifically-proven advice on how to live a healthy and vibrant long life from the world's leading expert and pioneer in the field of ageing. Just changing the way you think about getting older can add 7.6 years to your life.

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