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Edith Eger
Photo Credit: Jordan Engle

A native of Hungary, Edith Eger was a teenager in 1944 when she and her family were sent to Auschwitz during the Second World War. Despite overwhelming odds, Edith survived the Holocaust and moved with her husband to the United States. Having worked in a factory whilst raising her young family, she went on to graduate with a PhD from the University of Texas and became an eminent psychologist. Today, she maintains a busy clinical practice and lectures around the world.

Books by Edith Eger

The Gift

Reflections on hope, healing and finding freedom by celebrated therapist, Holocaust survivor and author of the award-winning international bestseller The Choice

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The Choice

The incredible, bestselling memoir of survival, hope and empowerment

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The Ballerina of Auschwitz

The unforgettable account of Edith Eger's extraordinary survival of Auschwitz, with new material from Edith's teenage years.

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Life Lessons From Auschwitz | The Choice by Dr Edith Eger

Dr. Edith Eger discusses prejudice, how when we look at life as between ‘us’ and ‘them’ we are creating another Auschwitz. Edith believes that we all have a Nazi within us, and that we should embrace it by expressing love over what we hate. Edith explains how fear and love will never co-exist, highlighting how we have the choice every morning to be for, or against something.