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Genevieve Mora

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Genevieve Mora spent the majority of her teenage years battling OCD, anorexia and anxiety, but with help and support she overcame her issues and is now the proud co-founder, along with Jazz Thornton, and general manager of the organisation Voices of Hope, which aims to remove the stigma around mental illness, and to show that hope is real and recovery is possible. Genevieve is also co-creator of Love Your Kite (an eating disorder app resource), a mental health advocate and recently appointed as the adult lived experience voice in the External Eating Disorder Advisory Group in New Zealand, which was established to bring individual perspectives and expertise and to provide advice, support, critical thinking and challenge within the Eating Disorders space.

Books by Genevieve Mora

My Journey Starts Here

A pretty yet practical guided journal for personal reflection and working on your mental well-being.

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