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Jeff Forshaw

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Jeff Forshaw is Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Manchester, specializing in the physics of elementary particles. He was awarded the Institute of Physics Maxwell Medal in 1999 for outstanding contributions to theoretical physics. He has co- written an undergraduate textbook on relativity and is the author of an advanced level monograph on particle physics.

Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw began collaborating on scientific papers in 1998 and have published on topics ranging from Pomerons to Higgs Bosons. Their first book togetherWhy Does E = mc2? became a critically acclaimed international bestseller:

'Fundamental and dizzyingly exciting.' The Times

'A truly impressive achievement.' Daily Telegraph

'Like being taken on an army assault course by the two friendliest drill sergeants in the world.' Guardian

'Pairs the enthusiasm of newcomers with the knowledge of experts.' Physics World

Books by Jeff Forshaw

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