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Katharine Pollock

Katharine Pollock

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Katharine Pollock worked in independent record stores in Brisbane and Sydney for many years. She holds a PhD in Humanities and Communication Arts from Western Sydney University’s Writing and Society Research Centre. She was a Writer in Residence at Varuna, The Writers' House in 2020, and Visiting Writer at the National Young Writers’ Festival in 2019. In 2021 she won the Queensland Writers Centre's GenreCon short story competition and had another short story published in ZineWest. Her work has also been published in Kill Your Darlings, Funny Ha Ha and Lip.You can find her online at @thatrecordstoregirl.

Books by Katharine Pollock

Her Fidelity

A very funny confessional novel set in one of the only Australian independent record stores still functioning, if barely. This is High Fidelity with a female gaze.

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