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Lucy Cooke
Photo Credit: © David Dunkerley

Lucy Cooke is an award-winning broadcaster and filmmaker with a Masters in zoology from Oxford university (where she was tutored by Richard Dawkins).
She began her career working behind the scenes in television comedy but is now an increasingly familiar face on natural history TV, having presented prime time series for BBC, ITV and National Geographic.
She writes for the Telegraph and the Huffington Post. Her only previous book (a picture book about sloths – A Little Book of Sloth) was a New York Times bestseller.

Books by Lucy Cooke

The Unexpected Truth About Animals

In this menagerie of the misunderstood, zoologist Lucy Cooke explores centuries of animals myths, revealing the fascinating and often hilarious truths behind some of the strangest animal theories.

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In our fiercely contested social, political and cultural landscape, Lucy Cooke looks to the animal kingdom to ask what it means to be female.

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