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Neill Birss
Photo Credit: © Neill Birss

Neill Birss is a Christchurch business and technology reporter. As a young journalist in Invercargill he interviewed Burt Munro for a few months with the goal of writing a series of articles about Burt for overseas motorcycle magazines. Then he lost the interview material — until now. Birss rode an ex-army Indian motorcycle on a farm as a schoolboy, and much later commuted on a Honda road bike, but computers and electronics generally have long been his main technology interest.

Books by Neill Birss

Burt Munro

Previously unpublished interviews with Burt Munro, legendary Kiwi motorcycle rider made famous in the movie The World's Fastest Indian. Colourful tales of a life well-lived.

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How the lost interviews were found

Neill Birss' thought his interviews with Burt Munro, legendary Kiwi motorcycle rider lost in the 1970s, never to be found – but they resurfaced under strange circumstances many decades later. Here they are in this book, Munro's voice as fresh and his stories as vivid as the day he told them to the young reporter.