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Nick Sharratt has written and illustrated many books for children including Shark in the Park, You Choose and Pants. He has won numerous awards for his picture books, including the Sheffield Children's Book Award and the 2001 Children's Book Award. He has also enjoyed stellar success illustrating Jacqueline Wilson's books. Nick lives in Brighton.

Books by Nick Sharratt

You Choose in Space
Daisy and the Trouble with Chocolate
Butterfly Beach
Daisy and the Trouble with Vampires
Clover Moon
A Summer Double Daisy
Rent a Bridesmaid
Shark in the Park on a Windy Day!
How to Draw
Little Stars
A Winter Double Daisy
Jacqueline Wilson Friendship Journal
Hetty Feather Journal
Jacqueline Wilson's Happy Holidays
The Butterfly Club
Opal Plumstead
The Jacqueline Wilson Christmas Cracker
Jacqueline Wilson Hobby Journal
Jacqueline Wilson Dream Journal
Ask Tracy Beaker and Friends
Jacqueline Wilson Birthday Journal
Shark in the Dark
Daisy and the Trouble with Burglars