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Nicola Toki has been a ‘nature nerd’ for as long as she can remember. She is deeply passionate about Aotearoa New Zealand’s endemic wildlife, and especially telling stories about it to anyone who will listen! As a kid, Nic had tadpoles, caterpillars and praying mantises as pets, and likely drove her parents mad with her collection of things she found on the beach — including her prized dried stinky shark’s head and a penguin carcass.

After studying zoology and natural history filmmaking at the University of Otago (which led her to spend a summer on an island near the Antarctic Peninsula researching Adelie penguins), Nic feels very lucky to have built a career as a champion for nature. She believes that telling people stories of hope drives action to protect the species we love. Nic hopes we can create more nature lovers by focusing on fun and pointing out the whimsy in the natural world.

Books by Nicola Toki

Critters of Aotearoa

Meet some of our most curious critters, from the popular RNZ National radio segment with Nicola Toki and Jesse Mulligan.

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