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Sam Enthoven

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For the last ten years Sam Enthoven has been working as a part-time bookseller, living largely on a diet of instant noodles and parsnips while honing his skills as a writer of thrillers for young people. He is passionately - possibly 'certifiably' - committed to the ideal of books that make kids want to read; if you like The Black Tattoo, you should see what he writes now he can afford something decent to eat once in a while.

Books by Sam Enthoven

TIM Defender of the Earth

A huge, hilarious, monster of a story, pitting giant dinosaurs against evil professors...

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A fantastic new novel from Sam Enthoven. Fast-paced, creepy and exciting - this is a horror film in book form!

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The Black Tattoo

Demons, martial arts and vomiting bats combine to make a fabulous fiction debut from a HUGE new talent.

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