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Sarb Johal
Photo Credit: Dr Sarb Johal

Dr Sarb Johal is a clinical psychologist, consultant and commentator with 30 plus years of experience who brings a psychological lens to the light, the dark and the intriguing aspects of the human experience. His videos, blogs and podcasts turn complex psychological theory into simple tools for solving everyday problems, helping people and organisations navigate tough times with greater wellbeing and equilibrium.
An expert on psychosocial recovery and disaster communication, Sarb has advised the UK and New Zealand governments and the World Health Organization through major national and international crises.
He is the MC of TEDxWellington and a regular guest on RNZ National and other national and international media outlets.
Sarb has a PhD from the School of Psychology at the University of Cardiff and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from University College London. He lives with his wife and young family in Wellington.

Books by Sarb Johal

Finding Calm

We live in a troubled world - so many changes, so many uncertainties. This book gives a range of practical skills to help anyone come to terms with feelings of anxiety and learn to thrive.

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