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Tania Clifton-Smith
Photo Credit: © Tania Clifton-Smith

Tania Clifton-Smith

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Tania Clifton-Smith is a New Zealand physiotherapist who has 30 years' experience in the field of breathing dysfunction, breathing pattern disorders and hyperventilation syndrome, treating thousands of individuals. She and co-founder Dinah Bradley developed the world-renowned BradCliff® Breathing method. Tania is in demand as a speaker at international conferences, now mostly on-line, due to her expertise and skills in treating Covid patients. Tania also has post-graduate diplomas in spinal manipulation, mind and body medicine, and meditation and mindfulness instruction. She is on the NZ Asthma and Allergy Educational Board and is a member of the NZ Physiotherapy Business Development Advisory Group.
In 2021 Tania became an Honorary Fellow of Physiotherapy NZ, the Oscars of physiotherapy and equivalent to a national knighthood within her profession. Tania joins an exclusive list to become one of only nine New Zealand physiotherapists ever to receive this honour.

Awards & recognition

Physiotherapy NZ Honorary Fellow 2021

Awarded  •  2021  •  Physiotherapy NZ Honorary Fellow 2021