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The sequel to Up the Duff – a go-to manual on the care of babies and toddlers, from Australia’s most loved and trusted voice on health and life stages.

Now you have a baby, what are you going to do with it?!

Kaz Cooke, the author of the bestselling pregnancy book Up the Duff, has you covered from your very first day with a baby.

With reassuring info, helpful suggestions, answers to your worries and quotes from Australian parents, Babies & Toddlers is backed by the professional advice of more than thirty medical and other experts.

crying * sleeping * breastfeeding * bottle-feeding * health & body image for new mums * coping * developmental milestones * eating * common illnesses * fun stuff * safety * toilet training * tantrums (theirs and yours) * extra stuff for dads * and much, much more.

Fun, practical and updated every year, Babies & Toddlers has everything you need to know about looking after babies and toddlers.


Babies & Toddlers demystifies the good, the bad and the ugly moments of parenting.

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    November 19, 2018

    Viking Australia

    536 pages

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Hello there.

So, you’ve finished reading Up the Duff: The Real Guide to Pregnancy, and now you’ve thrown it at the wall and you’re shouting ‘Yes, but what do I do now the bloody baby has arrived, you dreadful slattern?!’ Hey, I get it, you’re sleep deprived and need to know which end to put the nappy on. So here’s the sequel, all about what to do with babies and toddlers. Some people say we shouldn’t need a book, we should just follow our ‘instincts’ like animals do. Piffle. Some lions eat their cubs – which I don’t recommend – and squid never even meet their own children. If you want to take toilet training advice from a crocodile, you’re on your own, sunshine. None of us are born with parenting skills and instincts, we develop them.

It can be scary being a new parent. The good news is, you’re already a good parent, because you care enough to look at a book about it. And this is the safest time ever in history, and one of the very best places in the world to have a baby. Immunisation, medical care and good food mean your baby already has a huuuuge head start in life. What isn’t so good is that lots of modern parents, especially mums, can feel more isolated and alone, and online ‘information’ can be dodgy, advertising, or just plain bonkers.

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How Babies Change and Learn

In Babies & Toddlers, Kaz Cooke helps parents understand a child’s physical, emotional and communication development milestones, from six-week-old babies through to three-year-olds. Including hints on fun ways to encourage development, and when (or whether) to see a doctor, Babies & Toddlers has it covered.

Things to Try if Your Toddler Won’t Eat

In Babies & Toddlers, Kaz Cooke explains there will be days that your toddler will not be interested in much food, the next they’ll be ‘on the fang’. Keeping up with this can be frustrating, and patience is key. In Babies & Toddlers there are tips to get even the fussiest toddlers eating.

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