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Little Kiwi

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Meet a tiny creature that will leave a huge impression.

Scary noises, unexpected adventures and a Little Kiwi that sometimes can’t get anything right – anyone can identify with this flightless friend. Read along and meet a tiny creature that will leave a huge impression.


Little Kiwi, Whose Nest Is Best?

Little Kiwi is SO tired. Where can he find a quiet place to sleep? A delightful bedtime adventure in Bob Darroch's bestselling Little Kiwi series

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Little Kiwi Counts the Chicks

Learn how to count from 1 to 10 with Little Kiwi and Little Sister, in a fun new book by bestselling children's author Bob Darroch!

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Little Kiwi Finds Fantail

Little Kiwi Finds Fantail is a fun and surprising lift-the-flap book from Bob Darroch's bestselling Little Kiwi series. Little Kiwi has to find Little Fantail. Where could she be?

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Little Kiwi colouring sheet

There's a brand new Little Kiwi book out! And to mark the occasion, Bob Darroch, the legendary creator of our favourite feathery friend, drew this colouring-in sheet for us.

Little Kiwi chore chart

In Little Kiwi the Cool Mama, Little Kiwi finds out that a parent's job is harder than it looks. Use this chore chart to help your parents out around the house! 

Little Kiwi: 10 questions

Little Kiwi author and illustrator Bob Darroch answers our nosey questions.

Little Kiwi: 5 facts

How much do you know about kiwis, New Zealand’s national icon?