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Wonderful story for young children about a bold and brassy digger

Wonderful story for young children about a bold and brassy digger
Bruiser is a machine on a mission — a digger who's ploughing up hillsides, trampling down paddocks and crushing rocks in his plan to build a motorway. His motor roared like a dinosaur. His wheels squealed like an elephant. His sides rumbled like an earthquake. He shook his blade like an angry fist. Noise and energy abound! Until a little chick and a nest fall right in front of him - and Bruiser realises there's more to life than tearing up hillsides. He rescues the chick and builds the family a new nest. Bold, strong images combined with charming story plus lots of noise (!!) make this a winner.


You have never seen a Gavin Bishop picture book like this before. His written text is as tight as it ever was but his illustrations break new ground. They have almost a collage feel about them. See for yourself. It has high boy appeal and that is a good thing. Essential purchase for all primary school libraries and for the home where boys can pick it up and read at will.

Bob Doherty, Bob's Book Blog

A perennial favourite of New Zealand children Gavin Bishop departs from his usual illustration style with the use of earthy-looking collage using textured recycled paperto bring the story to life. These bold, colourful images combined with an utterly charming story plus lots of noise make this book a winner and such fun to read aloud.

Graham Beattie, Beattie's Book Blog

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Formats & editions

  • Paperback


    October 7, 2011

    RHNZ Children's

    32 pages

    RRP $22.00

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