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World-renowned dog behaviourist and psychologist Mark Vette (of Driving Dogs and Flying Dogs fame) shows you how to transform your dog and create a harmonious life-long bond.

World-renowned dog behaviourist and psychologist Mark Vette (of Driving Dogs and Flying Dogs fame) shows you how to transform your dog and create a harmonious life-long bond.
This book looks at how the dog evolved from the wolf, and the ancient co-evolved bond that exists between humans and dogs, before explaining how to get your dog into a fundamental calm 'learning state' so you can encourage the behaviours you want from your pet.
Mark then explains how to train your new puppy, and if you have an older dog that wasn't trained properly at that crucial early stage, how to correct each of the top ten behavioural problems that occur. Drawing from Mark's own life and experiences there are case studies throughout with beautiful photographs of these amazing animals.
The top ten problems are:
1. Hyperactivity
2. Phobias
3. Excessive submission
4. Dog-to-dog aggression
5. Dog-to-human aggression
6. Barking
7. Separation distress
8. House training
9. Destructive behaviours

This book is absolutely packed with information. It is a comprehensive practical guide combining the latest cognitive science with modern, loving, training techniques.


While this could become the 'bible' for all dog owners, it is more than just a training guide. It covers the history of man's relationship with canids...We have a bond, a relationship that developed at least 40,000 years ago and this bond with a 'predator' is based on trust, co-operation, honesty and love. There is science in understanding dogs and Vette brings the science and his love of dogs together. With patience and following the advice in this beautiful book you should develop a better understanding - how they see, hear and smell the world. Choosing the right pup for you, creating the bond and 'doing the right thing at the right time' is demonstrated in this clear, well-illustrated guide. 'Everything you need to transform your dog' is the very accurate sub-title. Wonderful full colour glossy photos and inspiring stories make this a must for anyone considering getting a puppy.

Rosie Sanderson, NZME Regionals

Formats & editions

  • Trade Paperback


    September 18, 2017

    Random House NZ

    400 pages

    RRP $45.00

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    September 18, 2017

    Random House New Zealand

    400 pages

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Introduction— Love is Understanding

To truly love our dogs, we need to understand them — what they need, how they communicate and how they learn. If we know this, then we can act in ways that will support and love them. A beautiful saying from my teacher, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, says it all: Love is understanding. To truly love someone, some being, we must first truly understand them.

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