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About the book
  • Published: 5 November 2019
  • ISBN: 9780143772927
  • Imprint: Random House NZ
  • Format: Hardback
  • Pages: 304
  • RRP: $35.00

Eat Your Heart Out

Love Stories from around the World

'Peta crafts a story like no other and her titles "tell it like it is".' - Wairarapa Times-Age

In a world of hate, let’s serve up some love . . .

Peta Mathias has encountered many a lovelorn tale on her gastronomic travels around the world. Searching further, she has unearthed more stories — the heart-warming and heart-rending, the passionate and poignant, the macabre and merry — and in these retellings brings them all to life.

With her characteristic wit and colour, she also dishes up many of the ingredients of love:
* intriguing courtship rituals, such as bundling and the apple slice dance;
* poetry penned by those with their own stories to tell;
* and, of course, romantic recipes, purported aphrodisiacs and alluring delicacies.

Entertaining, hilarious and informative, this book is a smorgasbord of love.

  • Pub date: 5 November 2019
  • ISBN: 9780143772927
  • Imprint: Random House NZ
  • Format: Hardback
  • Pages: 304
  • RRP: $35.00

About the Author

Peta Mathias

Peta Mathias MNZM is a respected and prolific New Zealand chef, author and broadcaster, who conducts gastronomic tours to such exotic places as France, Morocco, Spain, Vietnam, Italy and India. She lives in the South of France in the French summer, teaching cooking classes in her Uzès home and lives in Auckland in the New Zealand summer, writing and avoiding winter. For twelve years Peta presented the award winning prime time travel/food television shows Taste New Zealand, Taste Takes Off and A Taste of Home. Her many books are about food, travel, life, men, women, love and explaining how egg whites can transform your life. In 2012 Peta was awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit by the New Zealand Government in recognition for her work as an author and TV presenter. www.petamathias.com

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Praise for Eat Your Heart Out

“Light but informative, this charming little book is the perfect morsel to snack on when the fancy takes you. Love and food are its twin themes and, as often happens with the former, at first encounter you're left feeling bewildered. What is this? Is it a cookbook, a collection of stories, a poetry anthology, a series of personal insights? The answer is, it's all of them. . . . Cheeky, earthy, and full of personal musings - she reckons the way a man eats asparagus hints at his skills in the bedroom - there's something entertaining on every page.”


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