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A taster of some action-packed titles in James Patterson’s Private series.

They don’t make them much tougher – or smarter – than private investigator, Jack Morgan. The star of James Patterson‘s nail-biting thriller series Private, Morgan’s the kind of guy who gets the job done, even if he does have to break a few rules in the process. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Private, here’s a snapshot of just some of the brilliant intrigue and non-stop action you can expect.

Returning war hero Jack Morgan is asked to restore his father’s once great private investigation firm called ‘Private.’ After five years, he has offices spanning the globe. Things take a personal turn when one night Jack receives a phone call from a friend, Abbie, whose wife has been brutally murdered. He is certain Abbie didn’t do it but will have to work night and day to prove it. Meanwhile, Jack’s second-in-command, Justine Smith, is working on a serial killer investigation. In the past two years 12 schoolgirls in the same L.A. area have been murdered and a breakthrough is desperately needed.

Private London
Hannah Shapiro’s nightmare began eight years ago in Los Angeles, when Jack Morgan, owner of Private - the world’s most exclusive detective agency - saved her from a horrific death. Now the terror has followed her to London, and Dan Carter, head of Private London, has to save her all over again. In central London, young women are being abducted off the street. Carter’s ex-wife, DI Kirsty Webb, is involved in the investigation and it appears that the two cases are gruesomely linked.

Private Berlin
Mattie Engel is a rising star at Private Berlin, and believes she’s seen the worst of people in her previous life with the Berlin police force. That is until Chris, her colleague – and until recently, her fiancé – is found dead, brutally murdered in an old slaughterhouse outside the city.

Private Oz
P.I. Craig Gisto, head of the latest branch of Private in Sydney, is enjoying the glamorous launch party when a young Asian man, blood-soaked and bullet-ridden, staggers into the party, in what looks like a botched kidnapping. A rock star is convinced someone is trying to kill him and as if that isn’t enough, someone is murdering the wealthy wives of the Eastern Suburbs in the most brutal way.

Private India
Santosh Wagh heads Private India, the Mumbai branch of the world’s finest PI agency. Someone is killing seemingly unconnected women who are murdered in a chilling ritual, with strange objects placed at their death scenes. As Santosh and his team race to find the killer, an even greater danger looms, one that could threaten the lives of thousands of innocent Mumbai citizens...

Private Sydney
Craig Gisto has promised Eliza Moss that his elite team at Private Sydney will investigate the disappearance of her father. As a high profile CEO, Eric Moss shouldn’t be difficult to find. Except all evidence he ever existed has vanished too. And when a woman is found brutally murdered and a baby is missing, Private are suddenly drawn into another frantic search.

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