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A brilliantly crafted, frank and true-to-life story of modern family life from award-winning Jacqueline Wilson, featuring a special introduction from the author.

When life with Jayni's violent-tempered father becomes too frightening to cope with, Jayni, her mum and her little brother Kenny are forced to escape in the middle of the night. Slipping out of the house unseen, travelling up to London by train and checking into a hotel - it's almost like playing an elaborate game. They even make up false identities to protect their secret, and Jayni becomes the glamorous-sounding Lola Rose. But when money runs out and reality bites, what will they do next?


A natural storyteller . . . compulsive reading


Another brilliantly crafted story of real family life

Saffron Walden Reporter

Optimism and despair come in equal parts in Wilson's child-centred contemporary dramas

Oxford Times

I loved this book. It is honest and sensitive and a really quick read - that's because you'll need to keep turning the pages to find out what happens to Lola Rose, and Kendall, and her mum . . . highly recommended

Reading Matters

A truly great read!

Yorkshire Post

The fact that it doesn't end in a fairy tale happy ever after makes it more realistic because life isn't like that!

Boox: nine

Brilliant . . . Touching

Kids Stuff

Utterly memorable . . . Jacqueline Wilson has a beautifully light touch for such difficult subjects.

SW Magazine

No. 10 in list of most borrowed children's fiction (Jul 2003 - Jun 2004)

North-West Evening Mail

Picture of Jacqueline Wilson holding copies of Lola Rose

Stockport Times

'Jacqueline Wilson writes the kind of books you just can't put down, making you feel so many emotions that you don't know whether to laugh or cry...a must-read for teenagers.'

Newcastle Upon Tyne Evening Chronicle

Chosen by a reader as her favourite book

Go Girl

Short review

Teen Titles

Moving and intense story involving domestic violence and breast cancer but which manages to be uplifting about both.

Bournemouth Daily Echo

Yet another brilliant book that you never want to put down.

Newcastle Upon Tyne Evening Chronicle

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