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  • Published: 1 October 2019
  • ISBN: 9780552577199
  • Imprint: Corgi Childrens
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 432
  • RRP: $17.99


Terry Pratchett's masterpiece - a desert island story of epic and hilarious proportions. Now available in this brand-new, stunning edition.

Widely thought of as the best book Terry Pratchett ever wrote, this is a story of a Nation, a story of a friendship, a story of growing up and the truths we must learn. It is epic in every sense . . .

Prepare for the world to be turned upside down . . .

For Mau, halfway between boy and man, it happens when a great wave destroys his entire village. For Daphne, it’s when the same wave crashes her ship into the island that was once Mau’s home. Everything they once had is now so far away, lost to distance and time.

But when Daphne stops trying to shoot Mau (she did apologise for it), and instead uses a salvaged invitation card to invite him to tea, they discover a new home can be theirs.

And then people start arriving on the island – some very good, some very bad. And it’s soon clear that Daphne and Mau must fight for their Nation.

Then a discovery is made that will change the entire world forever . . .

  • Published: 1 October 2019
  • ISBN: 9780552577199
  • Imprint: Corgi Childrens
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 432
  • RRP: $17.99

About the author

Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett was the acclaimed creator of the global bestselling Discworld series, the first of which, The Colour of Magic, was published in 1983. In all, he was the author of over fifty bestselling books. His novels have been widely adapted for stage and screen, and he was the winner of multiple prizes, including the Carnegie Medal, as well as being awarded a knighthood for services to literature. He died in March 2015.


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Praise for Nation

Thought-provoking as well as fun, this is Pratchett at his most philosophical, with characters and situations sprung from ideas and games with language. And it celebrates the joy of the moment.

Nicolette Jones, The Times

It's witty and wise, but it leaves its young readers enough room for a newly formed opinion or two as they think about its themes of love, loss, loyalty, courage, religion and nationhood.


An enchanting novel... Terry Pratchett is one of the most interesting and critically under-rated novelists we have.

Amanda Craig, The Times

The unique pleasure of this story is that all the serious subjects and juicy ethical questions, such as the dilemma of the compassionate lie, are fully woven into action and character. Satirical portraits of upper-class twits, slapstick buffoonery, bad puns, and that particular brand of English wit buoy this story at every turn. Add a romance of gentle sweetness, encounters with ghosts, and lots of gunfire, and it is hard to imagine a reader who won't feel welcomed into this nation

The Horn Book, USA

This is no heavy-toned tale: Tears and rage there may be in plenty, but also a cast of marvelously wrought characters, humor that flies from mild to screamingly funny to out-and-out gross, incredible discoveries, profound insights into human nature and several subplots. A searching exploration of good and evil, fate and free will, both as broad and as deep as anything this brilliant and, happily, prolific author has produced so far.

Kirkus Reviews, USA

Terry Pratchett has found a moving, achingly human island story that tests the boundaries of identity and examines exactly what it means to be 'civilised'.

Kudos Magazine

In this first novel for young people set outside of Discworld, Pratchett again shows his humor and humanity... The main characters are engaging and interesting, and are the perfect medium for the author's sly humor. Daphne is a close literary cousin of Tiffany Aching in her common sense and keen intelligence wedded to courage. A rich and thought-provoking read.

Sue Giffard, Ethical Culture Fieldston School, New York City, School Library Journal, USA

Hugely entertaining novel from a fantastic storyteller.

Batley News

While you're a part of it you'll love every minute.

Waterstones Books Quarterly

Book of the week

Sutton and Epsom Advertiser

Author pictured at the launch party.

The Bookseller

Pratchett's searing novel for teens combines his unique brand of humour with a classic survival adventure to become a piercing inquiry into the nature of faith.

Vicky Smith, Kirkus Reviews

Without pretension or crusading auto-didacticism he has spent a quarter of a century creating a fantasy worl that does its bit to make this world a better place. It is a splendid achievement.

Deborah Orr, The Independent

This is Pratchett operating at the peak of his powers. Nation's often very funny, the characters are adorable, the plot intriguing... Nation is wryly hilarious throughout.


It's a wonderful story, by turns harrowing and triumphant, and Mau and Daphne are tremendously appealing characters. It's a book that can be read with great pleasure by young readers-and not a few of their parents, I suspect-as both a high-spirited yarn and a subtle examination of the risks and virtues of faith.

The New York Times

Gr 7-10-A tsunami has hit Mau's island home and washed away everyone he has known. Daphne is from the other side of the globe and is the sole survivor (or so she thinks) of a shipwreck on the island. The two come together and each of them brings wisdom, intelligence, and sense of humanity to their dire situation. An absorbing novel of survival and discovery liberally infused with Pratchett's trademark wit.

The School Library Journal

This culture clash comedy gives way to growing understanding and there is much to ponder on the merits of faith and tradition.

Wolverhampton Chronicle

... a unique, exhilarating tour de force

School Librarian

... a very funny and well-written story. The characters and plot are both imaginative and thought-provoking.

Calum Turner, Lochgilphead High, Teen Titles

A South Seas island adventure with an assured comic edge from Pratchett... This culture clash comedy gives way to growing understanding and there is much to ponder on the merits of faith and tradition.

Wolverhampton Chronicle

I think this is - just possibly -the best book Pratchett has ever written.

Michelle West, Fantasy and Science Fiction

This is a novel for all ages from (say) 11 to (say) 90, and its narrative exuberance will lure its younger readers to 'strange seas of thought'.

School Library Association

Pratchett writing at the height of his powers.


A serious work, but one written with humour and a lightness of touch that embraces big questions...it is a book about the faith of our times.


Terry Pratchett's use of language here is funny and exciting. This book delivers adventure, philosophy and satire. Pratchett has written of a very different world from his Discworld series. This is one of the cleverest novels I have read in years.


Nation is a modern tale of enlightenment that can be enjoyed by teenagers and aduls alike. An exceptional read, highly recommended.

Joesphine Brady, Classroom (NATE)

An ebullient and entertaining novel of ideas.

Julia Eccleshare, The Guardian

Nation, published in 2008 (this year's award catchment runs from August 2008-September 2009), is an extraordinarily complicated tale about God, tradition and loss. Yet it is told with beautiful simplicity and rollicking readability.

Andrew Johnson, The Independent

Funny and profound, Nation is much more than an adventure story, pitting reason against religion and offering an alternative perspective on world history and culture.

Time Out

As Pratchett says: "Thinking. This book contains some. Whether you try it at home is up to you." His wit is on every page; his world surpasses ours, his writing is weird and wonderful. No, weirdly wonderful. It is gripping but put the book down to ponder the thoughts inside to unearth a parallel universe. Terry Pratchett is worth more than his idiom; his teachings contain more philosophical thought than I would have ever thought possible.

Sian Reilly (aged 13), Sunday Express

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