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  • Published: 6 March 2015
  • ISBN: 9781775537762
  • Imprint: Random House New Zealand
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 240

The Legend of Winstone Blackhat

A powerfully realised novel that weaves the past with the present and the real with the imaginary.

A powerfully realised novel that weaves the past with the present and the real with the imaginary.

In Winstone’s imagination, the Kid and his partner ride through the Wild West on the trail of their quarry. In Winstone’s actual life, he’s had to abandon his 'partner' and is hiding out in the tough landscape of Central Otago. What has this boy run from, and how will the resilient and engaging twelve-year-old survive?

This moving, inventive and hard-hitting novel will remain with you long after you have finished the last page.

'Her talent with prose is far reaching; her ability to pluck a clever phrase from a seemingly inexhaustible well of fluid imagination quite stunning.' - Michael Larsen, Weekend Herald

Longlisted for the Ngaio Marsh Book Awards: 'An unusually subtle treatment of crime . . . Brilliantly paced and plotted, very seriously discomforting reading. A psychological thriller . . . a ripper.'

  • Published: 6 March 2015
  • ISBN: 9781775537762
  • Imprint: Random House New Zealand
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 240

About the author

Tanya Moir

Tanya Moir, a novelist, was born in Southland in 1969 and now lives on the west coast of Auckland with her husband. She studied with the Hagley Writers' Institute and received the Margaret Mahy Award in 2008. Her first book, the critically acclaimed historical novel La Rochelle's Road, was noted for ‘a deeply poetic sensibility that is, at times, quite breathtaking' (Your Weekend). The New Zealand Listener described it as ‘that wonder: absorbing historical fiction that replenishes our view of the world then and now', remarking on language that is ‘fresh, vivid and authentic'. Her second novel, Anticipation, was published in 2013 to rave reviews, the Dominion Post saying: 'When [novels] are written as well as this one is, with as much energy and style, the result is a rare treat . . . Tanya Moir weaves a story as rich, intricate and colourful as a tapestry. It is briskly told and is deeply, satisfyingly good . . . Moir is clearly a New Zealand writer to watch.' Moir was a 2013 Buddle Findlay Sargeson Fellow. Her website is:www.tanyamoir.com

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Praise for The Legend of Winstone Blackhat

An absolute standout, though be warned, it will haunt you for days afterwards . . . this deserves to become a New Zealand classic.

Catherine Robertson, NZ Listener

This beautifully written novel will leave you quietly in despair. The sad and tragic tale of Winstone is told completely from his point of view and through his imagination. . . . I recommend this novel to senior school students, especially those who using the theme "family violence or dysfunction" as their "Connection" for NCEA English.

Elisabeth Morrow, Bay of Plenty Times

Tanya Moir’s third novel, The Legend of Winstone Blackhat, skillfully weaves together the story of a young social outcast with the wide open spaces of a John Wayne-style Western to create a novel that is lyrical and deeply felt. . . . As the novel’s narrative threads intertwine, the character of Winstone comes into focus. He’s totally believable . . . We grow to understand Winstone so well that by the time we reach the climax of the novel, that climax is utterly tragic, and also totally inevitable. . . . This is a novel that will linger with you for a long time.

Feby Idrus, Booksellers NZ blog site

a measured, controlled tone throughout this beautifully written book

Paul Little, North and South

When an author manages to get inside the head of a 12-year-old boy and carry you along so you can't wait to turn the next page, that's the most skilful writing of all. Tanya Moir does write beautifully. Her similes and her occasional stream of consciousness as Winstone negotiates his way out of a constant run of tricky situations seem just right; her language sometimes stops you in your tracks and makes you want to read a passage all over again, simply to appreciate the wordplay.

Nicky Pellegrino, Herald on Sunday

. . . the dazzling range of Moir's facility with prose is fully on display . . . This is a wonderful novel, but bleak as the Maniototo in full snow.

John McCrystal, NZ Books

This is a story that you may wish you didn’t know; but it’s a book that you will be glad you read. . . . This is a terrific book of a terrible tale. Tanya Moir walks a fine line with her story-telling here and when you watch anyone on a tight rope it is an exhilarating experience of fear and surprise.

Gillian Torckler, http://www.nzbooklovers.co.nz/book-reviews/general-fiction/the-legend-of-winstone-blackhat-by-tanya-moir/

Awards & recognition

International Dublin Literary Award

Longlisted  •  2017  •  Dublin Literary Award

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