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Q&A  •  25 January 2018


Q&A with Gregg Hurwitz

The bestselling author of Orphan X answers our quickfire questions.

Q: Facebook or Twitter?

Gregg: Twitter

Q: Tea or Coffee?

Gregg: Espresso

Q: TV Series or Movie?

Gregg: TV Series

Q: Marmite or Vegemite?

Gregg: Peanut Butter

Q: Chocolate or Vanilla?

Gregg: Chocolate

Q: Winter or summer?

Gregg: Summer

Q:  PC or Mac?

Gregg: Mac

Q: Early bird or Night Owl?

Gregg: Night Owl

Q: Antique or New?

Gregg: New

Q: Cats or Dogs?

Gregg: Definitely Dogs

Q: Save or Splurge?

Gregg: Depends on my mood

Q: Classic or Modern?

Gregg: Modern

Q: Spicy or Mild

Gregg: Spicy

Q: Leather or Denim?

Gregg: Denim

Q: Bond or Bourne?

Gregg: Probably Bond

Q: Chicken or Beef?

Gregg: Chicken

Q: Running or Walking?

Gregg: Hiking

Q: A Play or a Musical?

Gregg: Musical

Q: Asking questions or answering questions?

Gregg: Asking questions

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