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Article  •  27 August 2020


Into the Unknown: The people in this book (extract)

Alick’s spelling of some names may be incorrect, especially those of Belgians, French and Germans. Sometimes people are addressed by their nicknames or first names only. Where known, in this list I also include their official enlisting number.

Allan, Joseph ‘Kid’, 12/2931, Helensville, New Zealand
Allen, Ned, could possibly be Allan, unknown, New Zealand
Anderson, William ‘Bill’, 24/1326, Wanganui and Gisborne, New Zealand Armstrong, Sydney Albert, 24/1560, Auckland, New Zealand
Arthur, Jack, of Waioeka, New Zealand
Baillie, William McFarlane ‘Bill’, 23/1934, Wanganui, New Zealand
Ball, Doug, probably Douglas George Ball, 26/44, New Zealand
Barlow, unknown
Bean, unknown
Beaufoy, 57007 or 12/2944, Rakauroa, Gisborne, New Zealand
Bell, unknown, lieutenant colonel,
Bero Rolain, Maria, farmer’s daughter, Chateau Bouvesse, Belgium
Bero Rolain, Pierre, farmer, Chateau Bouvesse, Belgium
Birdwood, William Riddell, field marshal, Totnes, Devon, England Birmingham, William ‘Bill’, 3229, Christchurch, New Zealand
Bishop, Frank, probably Frank Reid Bishop, 3/1145, Gisborne, New Zealand Blunden, Leonard Walter ‘Len’, 28576, Canterbury, New Zealand
Bousfield, Roy Octavius (also known as Bonsfield), 9/1525, Gisborne, New Zealand
Bowers, unknown
Box, unknown
Brosnahan, Reg, unknown
Brown, Ernie ‘The Cook’, unknown
Bryan-Brown, Guy Spencer, 41286, army chaplain, Christchurch, New Zealand, family in Oxford, England
Burden, Mary, friend, New Zealand
Burridge, Herbert William, army chaplain, 18/8, Invercargill, New Zealand, and Victoria, Australia
Caldwell, Miss, dance partner, Edinburgh, Scotland
Cameron, aunt Isabelle, cousins Ella, Owie and Elizabeth, (Alick’s mother’s family), Elgin, Scotland
Cameron, Elizabeth, Alick’s mother, Waioeka, Gisborne, family from Riverton, New Zealand
Cameron, John Donald ‘Big Donald’, 2670, 7284, 9/908, cousin, Gisborne, family from Riverton, New Zealand
Cameron, Rymer Corrychollie ‘Corry’, 6/4593, Gisborne, family from Riverton, New Zealand
Cameron, Violet Anne ‘Vi’, ‘Violette’, née Ellwood, nurse, married ‘Big Donald’ Cameron
Campbell, Morral Desmond, 35584, Rangitikei, New Zealand
Carlier, Mademoiselle, Wargnies-le-Grand, France
Carruth, Ethelwyn, nurse, 22/370, Papatoetoe, Auckland, New Zealand
Chambers, Harry, 26557, embarked from New Zealand, parents from Winnipeg, Canada
Cherrie, William Robert ‘Bob’, 23/94, Brunnerton, Kumara, New Zealand
Chilcott, Waioeka, New Zealand
Childs, unknown, captain
Churchill, Winston, British MP and First Lord of the Admiralty, then lieutenant colonel, and minister of munitions
Clark, doctor, unknown.
Clark, regimental quartermaster sergeant, unknown.
Clarkson, bombardier, unknown.
Clout, ‘Nat’, barber, Te Karaka, Gisborne, New Zealand
Collier, Miss, Sandon, Staffordshire, England
Condon, Billy, possibly William Condon, 13316, Ormond, Gisborne, New Zealand
Cook, Colonel and Mrs, Culm Davy Cottage, Devon, England
Coop, Norman, 48456, New Zealand
Cooper, Gladys, actress, England
Coutts, ‘Dot’, Alick’s second wife, Gisborne, New Zealand
Coventry, Fred, bushman, Waioeka, New Zealand
Cowan, Mr, Guffield Square, Edinburgh, Scotland
Cowperthwaite, Rae (née Trafford), Waioeka, Auckland, then Gisborne, New Zealand
Crafts, Frederick John ‘Fred’, 23/717, Gisborne, New Zealand
Crichton, James, private, 4971 and 14/131, Victoria Cross winner, from Ireland, Scotland, then New Zealand
Crocker, George ‘Geo’, probably 25/1040, Hawera, New Zealand
Darby, ‘Jack’, possibly John Henry, 39476, Westport and Wellington family, New Zealand
Davey, ‘Dick’, either Lester, 23/1370, family from Dannevirke, New Zealand, or Alexander Gordon, 57581, Te  Aroha, New Zealand
Davies, unknown, sergeant major
Davis, Miss, Rutter Street, Walsall, Staffordshire, England Davison, Jack, unknown, New Zealand
Davitt, Michael ‘Mick’, ‘Micky’, 6/3384, sister from Greymouth, New Zealand Day, Edward ‘Ted’, 6/780, Christchurch, New Zealand
Delacourt, Madame, Beauvois-en-Cambrésis or Fontaine-au-Pire, near Cattenières, France
Deuchene Eugene, Madame, Charleroi, Belgium
Donald, probably Elsie Margaret, 22/228, nurse, New Zealand
Dudson, Paul Huett, 25/424, family from Wairarapa, New Zealand
Dunn, ‘Charlie’, possibly Charles Dunn, 12018, New Zealand
Durand, Madame, Lumbres, France
East, Alfred Francis Drake ‘Alf ’, 3/144, Gisborne then Auckland, New Zealand East, Jack, Gainsborough, England
Edwards, unknown, nurse
Ellwood, Violet Anne ‘Vi’ ‘Violette’, nurse, married Donald Cameron
Evans, Frederick Leslie, 28995, Christchurch, New Zealand
Every, Herbert Reuben ‘Bert’, 25/426, New Zealand, family in London, England
Fairbairn, Fred, 20130, from England then New Zealand
Fairhall, ‘Eddie’, probably Edward Earnest, 6/628, Greymouth, New Zealand Farquhar, William ‘Bill’, 25/752, New Zealand
Fisher, Doctor, Gisborne, New Zealand
Foley, Patrick ‘Pat’, 57211, New Zealand
Fontain, Fernand, soldier, Villers-le-Bouillet, Belgium
Foord, Frederick ‘Freddy’, 3/92A, Greymouth, New Zealand, and Brisbane, Australia.
Foster, Jonathan Horsfall, sergeant major, 26085, New Zealand Fulton, Harry Townsend ‘Bully’, 23/1, brigadier general, family from New Zealand
Fyson, Albert Kemball, 4/40A, links with Gisborne and Hawera, New Zealand
Gabites, unknown, lieutenant, New Zealand
Gibson, Tom, unknown, New Zealand
Glover, Ethel, cousin, Grayingham, Lincolnshire, England
Glover, Lillian, cousin, Grayingham, Lincolnshire, England
Glover, Rose, née Trafford, aunt, Grayingham, Lincolnshire, England Glover, Rose, cousin, Grayingham, Lincolnshire, England
Glover, William, uncle, Grayingham, Lincolnshire, England
Godley, Sir Alexander John, general, commander of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, from England, spent time in New Zealand
Goyen, Roy ‘Darkie’, 6/3024, Greymouth, family in Dunedin, New Zealand Graham, Ian, unknown, Te Karaka, Gisborne, New Zealand
Graham, Olive, Opotiki, New Zealand
Grange, unknown, New Zealand
Grant, William ‘Bill’, 12/3030, Queensland, Australia, and Thames, New Zealand
Green, Alex, unknown
Greene, Alfred, 10/206, Salvation Army officer, Wellington, New Zealand, from London, England
Grey, unknown, corporal
Grimes, unknown, nurse
Guy, unknown, major
Haig, Sir Douglas, field marshal, Edinburgh, Scotland
Hall, George, probably 12/3341, Auckland, New Zealand Hamilton, Sir Ian Standish Monteith, general, London, England Hammond, Wally, unknown, New Zealand
Harder, unknown, sergeant, New Zealand
Harding, Jack, unknown, Gisborne, New Zealand
Harnell, Dan, unknown, New Zealand
Hart, Herbert Ernest, 10/133, brigadier general, Carterton, New Zealand
Hatton, ‘Stan’, probably Thomas Stanley, 57223, Ormond, Gisborne, New Zealand; possibly Hatton, Stanley, 7/2027, Timaru, New Zealand
Hawthorne, Charles, actor, England
Healey, Leonard James ‘Len’, 25/390, family from Oroua Downs, Manawatu, New Zealand
Henderson, Bert, unknown, New Zealand
Hill, Rowland, unknown, New Zealand
Hovell, Annette Blanch Fower ‘Nancy’, Eva’s daughter, Te Araroa, married George Dutton Shaw from Rotorua
Hovell, Eva, Alick’s sister, Waioeka, married Tom Hovell, Te Araroa, New Zealand
Hovell, Helen Mary, Eva’s daughter, Alick’s niece, Te Araroa, married Phillip Renner of Gisborne
Hughes, Jack, probably 10/1262, Gisborne, New Zealand, family from Ireland
James, ‘Dan’, probably Daniel, 25/550, Murchison, New Zealand
Jefferies, Job ‘Jiff ’, 6/2173, Westport, New Zealand
Jenkins, George Edward, also listed as George Ernest, 40009, Wairoa, New Zealand
Johnson, Davie, either 6/3055 or 12/2924, New Zealand
Johnson, Francis Earl, brigadier general, 10/512A, Wellington, New Zealand Johnstone, Harold, (could be Johnston), unknown, New Zealand
Judge, Mrs, Hopetoun Street, Auckland, New Zealand
Kearns, unknown, train passenger, Gisborne, New Zealand
Keats, Frederick ‘Fred’, 2/1800, Waerenga-a-Hika, Gisborne, New Zealand, family from Dorset, England
Kennedy, unknown, corporal, New Zealand
Kerridge, ‘Bob’, unknown, New Zealand
King, Molly, Waioeka, New Zealand
Kingi, Karauria, 16/528, Gisborne, New Zealand, family from Te Karaka, New Zealand
Kirby, unknown, hospital orderly
Kircher — could also be Kiircher, Kirchner or another version of this name Kircher, Bert, Thurner Strasse, Dellbrück , Cologne, Germany
Kircher, Franziska ‘Francesca’, Thurner Strasse, Dellbrück, Cologne, Germany Kircher, Frau, Thurner Strasse, Dellbrück, Cologne, Germany
Kircher, Hedwig, Thurner Strasse, Dellbrück, Cologne, Germany
Kircher, Herr, Thurner Strasse, Dellbrück , Cologne, Germany
Kircher, Martha, Thurner Strasse, Dellbrück, Cologne, Germany
Kitchener, Lord, British secretary of state for war
Knight, probably George Bernard, 8/1532, family from Dannevirke and Whakatane, New Zealand
Lange, Dan, unknown, New Zealand
Lee, Miss, unknown, New Zealand
Leigh, Gladys, Armitage, Staffordshire, England Leonard family, Pitcairn Island
Lloyd, Jack, sergeant, unknown, New Zealand
Lunken, Frank Norman, 25/440, Gisborne, New Zealand, originally from England
Lunken, ‘Lizzie’, Palmers Green, London, England
Lunken, Millie, Palmers Green, London, England
Lunken, Mr, Palmers Green, London, England
Lunken, Mrs, Palmers Green, London, England
Lunken, Rosie, cousin of Frank Lunken, Palmers Green, London, England
Luxford, John Alfred, colonel, chaplain class I, 8/307A and 10/307A, Christchurch, New Zealand
Luxford, unknown, corporal, New Zealand
Lyall, Miss, singer, England
MacAlpine, probably Alexander, 25/1058, New Zealand, family from Edinburgh, Scotland
MacKay, Annie Johanna ‘AJ’, 22/142, army nurse, New Zealand MacKenzie, Mr and Mrs, Connet House, Elgin, Scotland
Mackenzie, Sir Thomas, New Zealand high commissioner, London Maher, Michael Bede ‘Mick’, 25/552, Blenheim, New Zealand
Margaret (surname unknown), London, England
Massey, William Ferguson ‘Bill’, New Zealand prime minister
Matiere, Mick, unknown
Maxwell, unknown, signaller
McBride, visitor, Waioeka, New Zealand
McCoy family, Pitcairn Island
McDowall, unknown, New Zealand
Mcgee, Dan, unknown, New Zealand
McKay, unknown, sergeant, New Zealand
McKenzie, Colonel and Mrs, England
McKnight, George, unknown, New Zealand
Melino, Mademoiselle, Villers-le-Bouillet, Belgium
Mills, Jack, unknown, New Zealand
Mills, unknown, New Zealand
Milne, Alex, unknown, New Zealand
Moore, Sonny Joseph ‘Joe’, 25/1098, New Plymouth, New Zealand Morgan, Steve, unknown, New Zealand
Morice, William Lesley ‘Les’, 23/831, Opotiki and Patutahi, New Zealand Morrison, unknown, New Zealand
Moss, Misses, sisters, Birmingham, England
Mulholland, Rowland Francis, corporal, 30968, Darfield, Canterbury, New Zealand
Murray, Alfred James ‘Fred’, 31528, Kaiapoi, Canterbury, New Zealand Murray, Sir Archibald James, general, Kingsclere, Hampshire, England Mustard, Mr and Mrs, Elgin, Scotland
Newman, Albert George ‘Bert’, Ivy’s brother, Ormond, Gisborne, New Zealand
Newman, Albert Mount, Ivy’s father, Ormond, Gisborne, New Zealand
Newman, Geoffrey Mount ‘Geoff ’, 25025, Ivy’s brother, Ormond, Gisborne, New Zealand
Newman, Ivan Hilary or Hillary ‘Jack’, WWII/76390, Waipaoa, Te Karaka, Gisborne area, New Zealand
Newman, Ivy, married Alick, Ormond and Waioeka, New Zealand Nicholson, captain, troopship Waitemata
O’Brien, unknown
O’Grady, Michael Joseph ‘Mick’, 25299, family from Auckland, New Zealand
Park, Thomas Joseph, 51495, mother Mrs B Wurm (formerly Park) from Waihi, New Zealand
Parker, probably George Bertie, 18005, Featherston, New Zealand
Parker, unknown, New Zealand
Peta, Mrs, camp cook, Waioeka, Gisborne area, New Zealand
Peterson, Peter, unknown, New Zealand
Plumer, Herbert Charles Onslow, field marshal, London, England
Ponder, unknown
Potts, George ‘Geo’, unknown
Pritchard, Ethel Watkins, (née Taylor), nurse, 22/47, Onehunga, Nelson, then Gisborne, New Zealand
Probyn, Sir Dighton Macnaghten, general, Norfolk, England
Pycroft, Robert George James ‘Bob’, 25/453, New Zealand
Quigley, Middleton Stanley ‘Mid’, 8/2305, Gisborne, New Zealand Rawlinson, Henry Seymour, general, Dorset, England
Rayner, unknown, captain, surgeon, Manchester, England
Retford, unknown
Richardson, Sir George Spafford, major general, 15/209, from England then New Zealand
Rigall, Alice, (née Trafford), Alick’s aunt, Kettering, Northamptonshire, England
Rigall, Doris, Alick’s cousin, Kettering, Northamptonshire, England
Rigall, Edith, Alick’s cousin, Kettering, Northamptonshire, England Rigall, Jessie, married to Robert
Rigall, Minnie, Alick’s cousin, Kettering, Northamptonshire, England Rigall, Robert ‘Rob’, Alick’s cousin, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England Rigall, William, Alick’s uncle, Kettering, Northamptonshire, England Robb, Tony, Matawai, Gisborne area
Roberts, Charlie, unknown, New Zealand
Robertson, Alex, unknown, New Zealand
Robertson, Sam, unknown, New Zealand
Rose, Ernest Leslie, corporal, 15846, family from Wanganui and Wellington, New Zealand
Rourke, unknown, New Zealand
Rouse, ‘Jack’, probably John, 44659, New Zealand; possibly Rouse, Frederick James, 10/3727, New Zealand
Rowe, Major, unknown
Rush, Horace Basil, 25/460, Hastings, family from Havelock, Marlborough, New Zealand
Russell, Mr, Waioeka area, New Zealand
Russell, Sir Andrew Hamilton, major general, 11/257, New Zealand Saipe, John Addison, 8/2120, Dunedin area, New Zealand
Salmi, Alfred, Rue de la Duchère, Charleroi, Belgium
Scheen, Madame, Baelen, Belgium
Sharp, farmer, Waioeka area, New Zealand
Sharpley, doctor, Northorpe, Grayingham area, Lincolnshire, England
Shipp, Basil George, 24/1818, born in Australia, Matawai, Gisborne area, New Zealand
Shute, Alfred Victor ‘Alf’, 25/463, Matawai, Gisborne, New Zealand
Skinner, Father, chaplain, Waiuku, New Zealand
Smith, Alby, Grayingham, Lincolnshire, England
Smith, Emily, Miss, Grayingham, Lincolnshire, England
Snelgrove, Miss, Milford area, Staffordshire, England
Sowry, bushman, Waioeka, New Zealand
Sparksman, Alfred James, 25/465, Eketahuna, New Zealand
Stevenson, Nolan, baby, Waioeka Gorge
Stewart, lieutenant colonel, unknown
Still, Jack, probably 34939, Dunedin, New Zealand, possibly James Frederick, 73748, Dunedin, New Zealand
Stoddard, Lady, unknown, England
Stratton, farmer, Codford area, Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, England Sullivan, Jack, unknown, New Zealand
Sumner, Johnny, 25/464, Gisborne, New Zealand, family from Lancashire, England
Sutton, Stan, unknown, New Zealand
Sykes, probably Sir Mark, colonel, England
Tait, Steve, unknown, New Zealand
Trafford, Alick McGregor, Wharerata then Waerenga-a-Hika, Waioeka, Te Karaka and Gisborne, New Zealand
Trafford, Arthur ‘Harvey’, Alick’s father, Lincolnshire, England, then Hororata, Canterbury, Australia, Wharerata, Waerenga-a-Hika, Waioeka, New Zealand
Trafford, Arthur Raymond ‘Ray’ or ‘Jim’, sometimes ‘Raymon’, Alick’s brother, Wharerata, Waerenga-a-Hika then Waioeka, New Zealand
Trafford, Bertha, Alick’s cousin, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England
Trafford, Cecily, the author’s mother, Alick’s daughter-in-law, from Te Karaka, then Gisborne, New Zealand
Trafford, Charles Eric ‘Charlie’, Alick’s brother, Waerenga-a-Hika then Waioeka, Hicks Bay, Opotiki and Cambridge, New Zealand
Trafford, Elizabeth, (née Cameron of Riverton, New Zealand), Wharerata, Waerenga-a-Hika then Waioeka, Gisborne area, New Zealand
Trafford, Emmy, Alick’s cousin, Spalding area, Lincolnshire, England
Trafford, Eva, Alick’s sister, Waioeka, married Tom Hovell and lived at Te Araroa, New Zealand
Trafford, George Raymond ‘Ray’, WWII/NZ412001, Gisborne, New Zealand
Trafford, Harvey Mount, Alick’s son and the author’s father, Waioeka and Kanakanaia, Gisborne
Trafford, Ian Kirk, Alick’s grandson, the author
Trafford, Judith (Ellmers), Alick’s daughter, Waioeka, Matawai and Gisborne area, New Zealand
Trafford, Lynley ‘Minty’, (Henderson), Alick’s daughter, Waioeka, Whakarau, Gisborne and Golden Bay, New Zealand
Trafford, Rae, (Cowperthwaite), Alick’s daughter, Waioeka, then Auckland, then Gisborne, New Zealand
Trafford, Robert ‘Bufty’, Alick’s son, Waioeka and Te Karaka, New Zealand
Trafford, Ross Harvey, the author’s brother, Te Karaka and Hamilton, New Zealand
Trafford, Sarah, Alick’s aunty, Spalding area, England
Trafford, Thomas Campbell ‘Tom’, Alick’s brother, Muriwai area, then Waioeka, East Coast, Hawke’s Bay, King Country, Waikato and Tauranga, New Zealand
Tuckey, Herb, unknown, New Zealand
Tunnington, ‘Joe’, probably Josiah Andrew, WWI 24/663, Christchurch, New Zealand
Turney, Miss, Stafford area, Staffordshire, England
Upham, probably Fredrick Edward, 1/132, family from Wellington, New Zealand
Viturne, Madame, Thuin area, Belgium
Wade, unknown, New Zealand
Wainohu or Te Wainohu, Henare Wepiha, chaplain, 16/545, Mohaka, Wairoa, New Zealand
Walker, Bob, unknown, New Zealand
Walker, Nell, friend from New Zealand
Wallace, Bill, unknown, New Zealand
Ward, Sir Joseph George, deputy prime minister of New Zealand
Warrington, ‘Ben’, probably Bernard Oakley, 6/2317, family from Christchurch, New Zealand
Wells, Miss G, matron at health camp, Childers Road, Gisborne
West, unknown, corporal, NZ Rifle Brigade, D Company, otherwise unknown
Wetherhogg, unknown, lieutenant, England
Whitelock, Percy, sergeant, 8/500, Invercargill, New Zealand, parents from London, England
Whittem, James Harrington ‘Jimmy’, also known as Whitten, 32980, Murchison, New Zealand
Whittington, ‘Dick’, Western Front, unknown, New Zealand
Whittington, Percy Henry ‘Dick’, driver of service car between Gisborne and Opotiki, New Zealand
Wignall, Sydney ‘Sid’, 25/476, New Zealand
Wilcox, Miss, Stafford area, Staffordshire, England
Wilhelm, Kaiser, emperor of Germany and king of Prussia, abdicated 9 November 1918
Willis, unknown, lieutenant, entertained the troops
Willy, Gordon, unknown
Wimsett, Roy Henry, 32978, Westport, New Zealand
Winsett, unknown.
Wiseman, ‘Monty’, probably Marmion Thomas, 25/1044, Napier, New Zealand
Witters, ‘Dick’, probably Richard, 30331, Gisborne area, New Zealand Woods, Ernie, unknown
Wynn, Clay, unknown
Worthington, Walter ‘Tiny’, 25/841, mother from Thames, New Zealand
Yarrall, Henry Sefton, 25/921, sergeant, Dannevirke, New Zealand
Young, Miss, Hopetoun Street, Auckland
Young, Robert, brigadier general, New Zealand Army


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Into the Unknown
World War I (and its aftermath) in the words of a young soldier fresh off a remote New Zealand farm, written with immediacy, emotion and clarity.
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