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Article  •  15 July 2021


Real Readers Review: The Memory Thief

Former British children's laureate, Chris Riddell, has said The Memory Thief is "Intriguing, exciting, everything about this story captured my imagination." But what do our Puffin Ambassadors think? Read on to find out!

'To be honest I think this is the best book I’ve ever read.'

- Jake, 9, Hamilton (read Jake's full review)


'Do you like magical books that keep you reading and reading and you never want to stop? Well, this book, the Memory Thief by Leonie Agnew, is the perfect book for you. It is an amazing mixture of fantasy and adventure, and you will find yourself sucked into a different world, with surprises around every corner.’

- Barnaby, 11, Christchurch (read Barnaby's full review)


'I wished the book never ended!'

- Paige, 11, Papamoa (read Paige's full review)


'I completely fell in love with this book. I knew from the first word this would be one of my favourite books ever.'

- Georgia, 8, Ohope (read Georgia's full review)


'This book was amazing at painting a picture in my mind, the images were as clear as glass and left me excited to continue reading. In conclusion, the book was amazing and I hope the author writes a sequel.'

- Taylor, 10, Hamilton (read Taylor's full review)


‘The Memory Thief’ is a book that makes you wonder. I loved how it captured me and how I always felt I needed to just read and read. I could not stop to sleep, could not stop to go to school. I was always reading as I did my jobs.'

- Netanya, age 10, National Park (read Netanya's full review)


I can recommend this book for readers who enjoy mysteries, adventures, fantasy and stories about friendship.  I think this would be a great story for readers over the age of 7.

- Brennan, 10, Wellington (read Brennan's full review)


‘Something I thought Leonie Agew did really well was build suspense. It kept me hanging at the end of each chapter, and I wanted to keep reading. I could just imagine what everything looked like. I loved the book because it was exciting and Imaginative.’

- Kahlan, 10, Auckland (read Kahlan's full review)


'I really enjoyed reading this book because of all the excitement that was built up within it. As soon as I finished a couple chapters I couldn't stop reading it!'

- Scarlett, 11, Maungaraki (read Scarlett's full review)


The Memory Thief Leonie Agnew, Kieran Rynhart

A magical, award-winning novel about a girl who wants to escape her memories and a troll who is desperately trying to remember his, from the acclaimed author of Conrad Cooper's Last Stand and The Impossible Boy

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