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Article  •  13 August 2021


Real Readers Review: Coastwatcher

Looking for your kid's next great read? Let our Puffin Ambassadors tell you why you should pick up Coastwatcher, a thrilling adventure novel for 9+ readers.

'David Hill had a great use of words, he created images that I was able to imagine in my head, which made the story even more interesting. I could feel the fear that Frank must have felt, and I felt like I was there.'

- Addison, age 10, Hamilton (read Addison's full review)


'This was a great book . . . It made you feel as though you were Frank.'

- Casey, age 12, Papamoa (read Casey's full review)


'This book is educational and fun to read no matter who you are.'

- Emma, age 13, Nelson (read Emma's full review)


'I liked this book because once you start reading it, you can’t stop and you feel like you are in the story.'

- Gwen, age 11, Little River (read Gwen's full review)


'I liked the book because it was set in war time and I learned a lot about what the people went through in Operation Pacific . . . I think kids aged 11-13 will enjoy this book'

- Joseph, age 10, Auckland (read Joseph's full review)


'This book is an amazing tale of faith and life. I think David did very well on painting a picture with his words, and I found it hard to put this book down . . . I was always left curious and excited for the next chapter.'

- Lily, age 10, Auckland (read Lily's full review)


'I really liked my book because my grandfather fought in the war in a big bombing plane so I enjoy war stories and I always like to learn more about what happened during the war.'

- Matt, age 12, Christchurch (read Matt's full review)


'I loved this book; the gritty wartime setting, the relatable characters, the proximity to New Zealand. One of the things I like about this book is how it touches on a different topic than most other war books. It is not about the trenches nor about tanks or planes, it’s a story of a small group of people helping the war effort in a less glamorous way.'

- Michael, age 12, Wellington (read Michael's full review)


'Coast watcher is a very exciting story filled with adventure, trust and war. David Hill created an amazing plot filled with exciting twists that make you see his story from a whole new perspective. Coast watcher is, overall, one of the best war stories I have ever read.'

- Poppy, age 10, Christchurch (read Poppy's full review)


'A thing I think the author did well was keeping you on the edge of your seat the whole way through.'

- Riley, age 12, Hamilton (read Riley's full review)


'I absolutely loved it because it was thrilling, and funny and gave me an insight on how Coastwatchers did their job in the war.'

- Ronan, 10, Christchurch (read Ronan's full review) 


'My favorite part of the story was learning about what it is actually like to live in the jungle, and all the creepy creatures that they had to defend themselves against. Especially the man-eating ants!'

- Skye, 9, Maungaraki (read Sky's full review)


'I liked this book because it had lots of suspense and parts that really got you hooked.'

- Te Kerehi, 10, National Park (read Te Kerehi's full review)


Coastwatcher David Hill

No training could have prepared Frank for a dangerous coastwatching mission against the Japanese in this tense, exciting war novel for middle graders

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