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Article  •  4 April 2023


How to host a ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ book club

Host your own book club to re-read ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ before season two drops.

ICYMI, The Summer I Turned Pretty was made into an Amazon Prime series last June, and it’s safe to say that it was a hit. From the casting to the east coach beach scenery, it was hard not to swoon over the TV adaptation.

While Amazon has confirmed a second season, based on book two – It’s Not Summer Without You – a specific release date is yet to be announced.

But how to bide time while you eagerly await season two? Our recommendation is simple: host a Jenny Han book club!

Get your friends together, stock up on some snacks, and get ready to battle it out in heated debates about whether you’re rooting for Conrad or Jeremiah (or neither).

It’s 100% worth it to recap season one by reading The Summer I Turned Pretty, and bonus points for those who read It’s Not Summer Without You to figure out what exactly you can expect from the next season of the show.

How to host a The Summer I Turned Pretty book club

1. Get your friends together

It’s the people that make the book club, so gather up your best book-loving friends and ask if they’d like to join. Pick a time to meet (either weekly or monthly) to discuss what you’ve read. You can either divide the book into sections or meet for a chat once everyone’s finished it.


2. Plan your meeting

While it might sound like a daunting task to host a book club, you can make the meeting as casual or formal as you’d like. We recommend keeping it simple by laying out some cosy blankets and pillows and plenty of snacks. Allow 1-2 hours for discussion – or make an entire evening out of it!


3. Make it fun!

Add some fun activities to your meeting to give it a fun and light-hearted feel. For example, have everyone take this quiz to find out which character they’re most like, then go around the circle sharing your results


4. Include refreshments

Don’t forget the snacks! Nod to The Summer I Turned Pretty by including some of Belly’s favourite foods: Mickey mouse pancakes, sour patch kids, and other junk food required!

The books

Warning! Spoilers below. 

The Summer I Turned Pretty Jenny Han

Everything that happened this past summer, and every summer before it, has all led up to this. To now.

Every year Isabel spends a perfect summer at her favourite place in the world - the Fisher family's beach house. It has everything a girl could want: a swimming pool, a private stretch of sandy beach . . . and two boys.

Buy now

It's Not Summer Without You Jenny Han

When something is perfect, you hope it never ends.

Belly's long hot summers at the Fisher boys' beach house are over. Conrad, the only boy she's ever loved, has left for college, taking her heart with him. And Jeremiah, his younger brother, is still Belly's best friend - but maybe friendship isn't enough for him anymore. But when Jeremiah calls and says that Conrad has disappeared, all roads seem to lead back to the summer house.

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We'll Always Have Summer Jenny Han

One girl. Two boys. The biggest decision of her life . . .

Just when Isabel thinks she had everything mapped out, life proves that when it comes to love, you can never have all the answers . . . Isabel has only ever loved two boys, Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher. She's grown up with them, and can't imagine life without them. One broke her heart, the other made her happier than she ever thought she'd be. But each brother is keeping a secret from Isabel, and this summer she must choose between the Fisher boys, once and for all. Which brother will it be?

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