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Article  •  29 August 2023


Te Awa o Kupu and Ngā Kupu Wero

Join the kōrero. Two passionate and vibrant anthologies featuring work from some of our finest Māori writers.

Two passionate and vibrant anthologies; one a collection of poems and short stories, the other a collection of essays and commentary. From colonisation to identity, from creativity to mātauranga Māori, join some of our finest Māori writers as they explore the power of the word.

Te Awa o Kupu Vaughan Rapatahana, Kiri Piahana-Wong

Te Awa o Kupu is a poetry and fiction companion volume to Nga Kupu Wero. Taonga for the third decade of the 21st Century for all New Zealanders, these two passionate and vibrant anthologies reveal that the irrepressible river of words flowing from Maori writers today shows us who and what we are, overflowing its banks to create a truly new literary course for us all.


Over 80 contemporary Maori writers explore a vast array of issues that challenge, stimulate and intrigue. With originality and insight, these poems and short stories form an exploration of this country, of Maori concerns and Maori expression, including Maori myth, history, te Tiriti and colonisation, tikanga, the environment, powerful wahine, identity, relationships, social issues, the craft of writing, and visions for the future.

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Ngā Kupu Wero Witi Ihimaera

Nga Kupu Wero is a non-ficiton companion volume to Te Awa o Kupu. Together these two passionate and vibrant anthologies reveal that the irrepressible river of words flowing from Maori writers today shows us who and what we are.


Nga Kupu Wero brings together a bounty of essays, articles, commentary and creative non-fiction on the political, cultural and social issues that challenge us today. From colonisation to identity, from creativity to matauranga Maori, over 60 writers explore the power of the word. Accept the challenge of the wero. Join the korero.

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