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Article  •  23 November 2023


Real readers review: Water

What do NZ fans really think of John Boyne's latest novel?

We sent out early reading copies of Water to some of our instagram followers to see what they thought about John Boyne's latest novel. Take a look at what they thought below!


"I went into this book knowing nothing but was quickly hooked... Colour me intrigued. Over the next 160ish pages Boyne slowly and skilfully reveals what lies behind Vanessa’s actions. I was kept interested, eager to discover what had happened, without feeling that I was being manipulated by information being artificially withheld. In other words the pacing was spot on..."

@serendipitysbooks (full review here)



"...Boyne is a great storyteller, who brings characters to life. Despite the heavy subject matter, Boyne’s accessible writing (and at times, humour) makes this story easy to get immersed in and hard to put down..." 

@books_coffees_wines (full review here)



"...The woman at Water’s centre has a lot of spark. It was fun to see her grow, develop and stand up for herself. I think it helps that this is a short novel so despite the grim subject matter, it trots along at a great pace. I’ll be thinking about this one for quite some time."

@books.cheese.wine (full review here)



"...Having read quite a few from his backlist I found the protagonist voice and structure of the story a bit similar to his other books, but still enjoyed it nonetheless. If you're new to John Boyne though, Water is a great taster of his work at just under 200 pages. I flew through this in just a couple of days."

@_nevernotreading (full review here)



"... I would recommend Water to anyone who likes a subtle plot with a bit of atmosphere and is looking to try something a bit different. Or if you’re just looking for a quick, engaging read for a long weekend away or a quiet weekend at home, this book might be for you!"

@theliteraryshelf (full review here)

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From internationally bestselling author John Boyne, a masterfully reflective story about one woman coming to terms with the demons of her past and finding a new path forward.
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