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Article  •  30 January 2024


Real Readers Review: The Book of Doors

What do fans really think of The Book of Doors?

Photo @posiesandpages

A book about magical books you say? Sign me up!

This was such a cozy, enchanting and exciting ride. It had all the elements of fantasy I love and this fast paced read definitely surprised me. I started off unsure about whether I liked the MC (main character) enough to push through but I’m so glad I did. I thought the characters were fleshed out nicely and the plot was super intriguing and more complicated than I expected but in a good way. I also give it extra points for being a fantasy book with an MC closer to my age 🤭

If found family, a little bit of time travel and a good ol classic good vs bad battle is what you like then I highly recommend!

- Kanlin @posiesandpages


Photo @thelibraryofklee

I must have the Book of Luck in my library somewhere, because I have had so many excellent 5 star reads in my life this year, it must be some sort of magic. If you are in to a host of mysterious characters and unlikely allies, a clever twisty plot line that is well tied up by the end, magical door portals, and of course, magical books, then this will be right up your alley. It is def a bit slow at the start but then I could NOT put it down. This is urban fantasy done right. What a stellar debut!

- Klee @thelibraryofklee


This book is thought provoking, will tug at your heart, and is really well written. It was amazing and I know I will still be thinking about it long in the future. I'm definitely an instant fan of Gareth Brown.

- Sigal - Goodreads ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Photo @bookedbylisa

If you aren’t a big fantasy reader, like myself, this would be a good introduction. Magic, villains, fight between good and evil, time travel - this book was fun to escape into to. There is also lots of talk about the magic of books and reading, which is perfect for us booklovers. It very much reminded me of The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. It did start off slow, but the pace definitely picks up.

I enjoyed reading this over my holidays, and would say it’s a solid debut.

- Lisa @bookedbylisa


The easiest 5 stars I’ve ever given! This book is everything I hoped it would be and more. Absolutely one of my all time favorite reads!

Each character is unique and memorable. Cassie, Drummond, Izzy, Lund, dear sweet Mr. Webber…I love each and every one of them. Even the villains, especially “the woman” and Hugo, have been etched into my memory. The emotions this book made me feel is a testament to the thoughtful writing. And the ending, just perfect.I can’t wait for the book to officially be published so I can have a physical copy in my possession. I know this will be one I re-read multiple times.

- Jessica Webber - Goodreads ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Photo @bichons_and_books_nz

I was hooked from the first chapter, fascinated by the concept of time travel and magical books. The plot is intricate, with multiple characters and POV's. I was concerned with so many characters it could get confusing, but I managed to keep up; some characters are very dark and violent. This enchanting book weaves a magical and captivating tale, complemented by a stunning cover that immediately captures the imagination. I recommend it to fans of fantasy, time travel, and horror. It is a beautiful and captivating addition to any library.

- Lynley @bichons_and_books_nz


This is one of the most intelligent, heart-pounding, and enchanting books I've had the pleasure of reading in recent times. It resonates with both your intellect and your emotions. The author's imaginative storytelling whisks you away to diverse places and introduces you to intriguing, well-developed characters. You won't want to put this book down; it's the kind of story that makes you wish you could skip work and all other responsibilities, allowing you to immerse yourself in its mesmerizing words and magical universe.I'm eagerly looking forward to reading more works by this author, and I wholeheartedly award this book a well-deserved five stars. 

- Nilufer Ozmekik - Goodreads ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Photo @mybooknookandme

Attention Readers!

You need to put this book on your TBR if you enjoy:

🚪Portal magic

📖 Time travel

🚪Magic books

📖 Good vs Evil in a modern setting

As a standalone adult fantasy debut this is one not to be missed!

I feel like I’ve started the year strong with some books I’ve absolutely adored and this is one of them! It’s a combination of everything I loved and as debut it was executed very well.

Books are magic, in this case literally. Magic books hold power and they are kept quiet to the world as some people want to hoard that power. One of these books The book of Doors has the power to open and connect any door…including through time. It somehow ended up in the hands of a regular bookseller, and her world gets turned upside down.

It’s not without its faults but once the urgency got going on the dangers of owning a magic book I was gripped and could not put it down. The mysterious element helped too.I found the writing easy to follow with some stumbles on the way but didn’t really take away my enjoyment. I found the time-travel element and magic done really well. Simple and not overly complicated but effective.

It was interesting in that we also saw the POV of the antagonist making them even more disturbing.

- Sharon @mybooknookandme

The Book of Doors Gareth Brown

These books are like weapons. And possession is power. . . With a perfect combination of dark magical books, unforgettable characters, and a storyline that grabs the reader and simply doesn't let go, this is the heart-stoppingly exciting contemporary fantasy debut of 2024.

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