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The 21st Jack Reacher thriller by number-one bestselling author Lee Child takes Reacher back to his army days, but this time he’s not in uniform. With trusted sergeant Frances Neagley at his side, he must carry the fate of the world on his shoulders, in a wired, fiendishly clever new adventure that will make the cold sweat trickle down your spine.

It’s just a voice plucked from the air: ‘The American wants a hundred million dollars’.

For what? Who from? It’s 1996, and the Soviets are long gone. But now there’s a new enemy. In an apartment in Hamburg, a group of smartly-dressed young Saudis are planning something big.

In the morning they gave Reacher a medal, and in the afternoon they sent him back to school.
Jack Reacher is fresh off a secret mission. The Army pats him on the back and sends him to a school with only three students: Reacher, an FBI agent, and a CIA analyst. Their assignment? To find that American. And what he’s selling. And to whom. There is serious shit going on, signs of a world gone mad.


Ever more gripping...Night School is the closest that Reacher has come to being a secret agent, making this expertly paced thriller and addictive combination of spy yarn, detective story and beat-'em-up fightfest.

Sunday Times

I know I say this every year...But. Best. Reacher. Ever.

Karin Slaughter

Reacher... wins all fights, charms all women and outsmarts all rivals, friend or foe.What makes Night School the best of the Reacher novels I've read is that Child has concocted a brilliant plot...battling to save America, or maybe the entire civilised world, from a terrorist plot that is original, engrossing and all too believable...one of the best thrillers you'll read this year.

Washington Post

Dripping with irony and oozing dread...utterly gripping...Acute observation reveals "every detail of the glowing scene". Many so-called literary novels lack such skill.

Mark Sanderson, Evening Standard

This latest instalment has all the classic ingredients: a great setting, a good villain, and a mystery that draws you in efficiently, escalates unpredictably, and has a satisfying resolution.

John Lanchester, New Yorker

Packed with action, violence and powered by a deceptively complex plot - this is typically nail-biting stuff.

Sunday Mirror

Reacher is a former Army M.P. who thinks like a knight but looks like a drifter. He stops to right wrongs...then moves on...There's always more for Mr Child to add to his canon of Reacher...We've heard lots about his strength but little about his physical grace. This is the book in which he eases through a crowd "like a police horse at a riot".

Janet Maslin, New York Times

According to Forbes, the Jack Reacher series is "the strongest brand in publishing"...As ever, Child delivers a satisfyingly complex, exciting and well-researched story...no doubt that Reacher #21 will fly off bookshop shelves worldwide.

Irish Independent

Rewarding and adrenalin-fuelled.


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Formats & editions

  • Paperback


    April 18, 2017


    496 pages

    RRP $26.00

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    • The Nile

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  • Paperback


    April 15, 2017


    Online retailers

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    • Mighty Ape
    • Paper Plus
    • The Warehouse
    • Whitcoulls
    • The Nile

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  • EBook


    November 7, 2016

    Transworld Digital

    496 pages

    Online retailers

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    • Amazon Kindle
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    • Booktopia NZ


In the morning they gave Reacher a medal, and in the afternoon they sent him back to school. The medal was another Legion of Merit. His second. It was a handsome item, enamelled in white, with a ribbon halfway between purple and red. Army Regulation 600-8-22 authorized its award for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services to the United States in a key position of responsibility. Which was a bar Reacher felt he had cleared, technically. But he figured the real reason he was getting it was the same reason he had gotten it before. It was a transaction. A contractual token. Take the bauble and keep your mouth shut about what we asked you to do for it. Which Reacher would have anyway. It was nothing to boast about. The Balkans, some police work, a search for two local men with wartime secrets to keep, both soon identified, and located, and visited, and shot in the head. All part of the peace process. Interests were served, and the region calmed down a little. Two weeks of his life. Four rounds expended. No big deal.

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