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The thrilling follow-up to Jo Nesbo's #1 bestseller The Leopard

Summer. A boy is lying on the floor of an Oslo apartment. He is bleeding and will soon die. In order to place his life and death in some kind of context he begins to tell his story. Outside, the church bells toll.

Autumn. Former police inspector Harry Hole returns to Oslo after three years abroad. He seeks out his old boss at Police Headquarters to request permission to investigate a homicide. But the case is already closed: the young junkie was in all likelihood shot dead by a fellow addict. Yet, Harry is granted permission to visit the boy's alleged killer in jail. There, he meets himself and his own history. What follows is the solitary investigation of what appears to be the first impossible case in Harry Hole's career. And while Harry is searching, the murdered boy continues his story.

A man walks the dark streets of Oslo. The streets are his and he has always been there. He is a phantom.


The relationship between Harry and Rakel is truly multifaceted, and richer in nuance than anything else in the crime genre. Phantom will maintain Jo Nesbo's unstoppable momentum

Barry Forshaw, Independent

A brilliant and incredibly fast-paced race through the violin-ravaged (violin is a new drug, more powerful than heroin) streets of Oslo to uncover who is at the centre of a drugs rung... ex-alcoholic Hole is dealing with more demons than 24’s Jack Bauer ... Sceptics may argue that crime fiction is too sensationalist and that endings are tied up too neatly but Phantom proves them all wrong. Once you’ve read the conclusion you’ll agree that Nesbo’s writing is far from predictable.


Phantom will maintain Jo Nesbo’s unstoppable momentum.

The Independent

Jo Nesbo is at the top of his game... The must-read thriller of 2012.


Phantom leaves us reeling, with a storyline and ending that hurts us almost as much as it hurts the protagonists... The twists and turns show Nesbo at his complicated, yet utterly accessible best, and Hole at his undeniably brilliant but self-destructive worst.

The List

Jo Nesbo is a master of his craft. His latest novel, Phantom, is world-class crime writing. Phantom is a crime novel that pleases on every level.

Dagbladet (Norway)

Jo Nesbo has done it again with Phantom, his seventh gripping novel featuring Inspector Harry Hole... Tense and compulsive Phantom will have you jumping out of your seat

Hannah Britt, Daily Express

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