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Harry Hole is back! The blistering Sunday Times number one bestseller

Harry Hole is back in the blistering Sunday Times number one bestseller!

‘The king of all crime writers’ Sunday Express

There’s a new killer on the streets

A woman is found murdered after an internet date. The marks left on her body show the police that they are dealing with a particularly vicious killer.

And he’s out for blood

Under pressure from the media to solve the crime, the force know there’s only one man for the job. But Harry Hole is reluctant to return to the place that almost took everything from him. Until he starts to suspect a connection between this killing and his one failed case…


*Watch out for Knife, the new Harry Hole thriller, coming summer 2019*


An extremely gruesome journey to the darker recesses of human nature, this grisly treat will delight Nesbo’s fans


It’s a big-boned, Technicolor epic in the current Nesbo style, starting adagio and ending accelerando, but with the kind of close psychological character readings that distinguished his early work


An epic tale that will delight fans of the bestselling series… There is always a risk that if you resurrect a much-loved series after a long break it will not reach its previous highs. But The Thirst is Nesbo at his glorious best with even the minor characters wonderfully drawn. This tense, nerve-shredding tale is impossible to put down as it hurtles towards a stunning finale. Nesbo is one of the best thriller writers on the planet

Charlotte Heathcote, Daily Express

Gripping from the get-go, deliciously dark and expertly plotted, this is Nesbo at his brilliant best


Expertly plotted with vividly drawn characters, frenetic police chases and philosophising villains[…] Expect to be thoroughly entertained.

Crime Fiction Lover


Sunday Times

[The Thirst is] a breath-taking reading experience … Nesbo is the master when it comes to building a long and increasingly steep dramatic curve…The pace in The Thirst is somewhat calmer than in the previous Harry Hole books, more of a waltz than a rock and roll, until we’re a bit more than halfway through. But from there on, it’s full on action with blood gushing and splattering until the last page is turned.

Verdens Gang, Norway

The Thirst like its stablemates is a bulky but zippy 500-pager which never loiters in one place for long. Nesbø keeps you guessing with his usual bag of tricks, making everyone seem a little suspect (or almost everyone). His cynicism about bent coppers and unscrupulous journalists is an inexhaustible and entertaining sideshow… if you liked the other ten, you’ll greedily sink your teeth into this.

Jasper Rees, Arts Desk

Jo Nesbo is on top form…[The Thirst is] a spell-binding story about brutal crimes and ambitions gone astray.

Dagbladet, Norway

One cannot but rejoice at this reunion with Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole.

Krimifan.dk, Denmark

Everything that others do, Jo Nesbo can do better ... When it seems as though everything is about to be resolved in [The Thirst], most other writers would be satisfied with their work. With Jo Nesbo, the ride will still go on for 150 more pages.

Dagsavisen, Norway

The Thirst combines the best of American and Nordic crime fiction ... Harry Hole is a criminal investigator with a steady salary and civil servant status. But he’s also made of mythological hero material.

Jyllands-Posten, Denmark

Gripping from the get-go, deliciously dark and expertly plotted, this is Nesbo at his brilliant best

Isabelle Broom, Heat

Gory, disturbing, nightmare-inducing and terrific

Marcel Berlins, The Times

What distinguishes Jo Nesbo… is his wry sense of humour. He not only provides a super-complex plot with plenty of twists… but also skillfully continues the lives of the all-too-fallible characters we have grown to love and hate

Mark Sanderson, Evening Standard

This is a tense and scary tale. If you’re partial to bad dreams, don’t read this just before bed

UK Press Syndication

The Thirst begins with the brutal killer sinking rusty metal teeth into a victim's neck, and with that gruesome murder, you'll want to sink your teeth into The Thirst and not let go


Nesbo does Nordic Noir like no one else and this is crime fiction at its finest… It’s gory, gritty and compulsive reading, with a truly take-your-breath away ending

Nesbo, Choice

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Formats & editions

  • Paperback


    January 2, 2018


    640 pages

    RRP $27.00

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  • EBook


    May 4, 2017

    Vintage Digital

    640 pages

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He stared into the white nothingness.

The way he had done for almost three years.

No one saw him, and he saw no one. Apart from each time the door opened and enough steam was sucked out for him to be able to glimpse a naked man for a brief moment before the door closed and everything was shrouded in fog.

The baths would be closing soon. He was alone.

He wrapped the white towelling bathrobe more tightly around him, got up from the wooden bench and walked out, past the empty swimming pool and into the changing room.

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