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Q&A  •  07 November 2018


A Day in the Life: Kelly Wilson

When you’re an author/ photographer/ horse tamer/ adventurer is there any such thing as ‘a usual day’? Find out in our interview with Kelly Wilson, author of the Showtym Adventures series.

On a usual day…

My day-to-day life can vary greatly since I am not only a writer but also a photographer, show jumper, wild horse tamer and adventurer! This means I’m often overseas or at horse shows around the country, so when I am home I normally work hard to fit a lot in.

This winter, however, has been completely different as I’ve been taming 19 wild horses which were saved from slaughter during the 2018 Kaimanawa Musters. From April through to October I have been waking up at 7am, working anywhere between eight to 14 horses, barely stopping for lunch, and getting inside after dark.

Lately my evenings have been spent editing two new books (Chessy, the Welsh Pony and the Showtym Adventures Annual), as well as writing the fifth book in the series, which comes out in early 2019. With 12- to 18-hour days it’s the busiest I’ve ever been in my life, but I’ve enjoyed every second.

My favourite part of the day…

With the wild horses there’s so many thrilling milestones reached throughout their journey to domestication. For me, every time any of the horses achieves something new it’s such a buzz. The first time one approaches to eat grass from my hand, or allows me to touch it, then eventually ride it. There are no words to describe how special it is to gain the trust of these wild animals; especially the wild stallions.

After my work day is done, I like to…

I love to unwind with a good book or have dinner with friends. My favourite way to recover and rejuvenate would always be having an epic adventure though! This year, between taming and writing, I’ve managed to fit in wake boarding, snowboarding, sand boarding and trips to the Far North of New Zealand and the Snowy Mountains of Australia to photograph horses in the wild!

I chose to pursue my career because…

Becoming an author happened quite by accident — for me it was more about taming and saving the wild horses and I was just looking for a platform which would allow me to share their plight with the world.

My proudest work-related achievement is…

I don’t think anything will ever top my first book becoming a No.1 bestseller. It took me by surprise and was one of the proudest achievements of my life. To have had every book since become a bestseller, including another three No.1 titles, is humbling.

If I wasn’t an author/photographer/equestrian I would have liked to be…

I feel like I’m living my dream life as I manage to combine all my passions into what I’m doing now, but I’d probably be a travel and adventure blogger or journalist.

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