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Leonie Agnew
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Leonie Agnew

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Leonie Agnew may or may not be living in South America with a poodle named Juan. She informs us that her days are spent drinking sangrias and teaching Juan how to bark in Spanish, while trading sombreros on the black market via her iPad. However, our sources have located her in Auckland, New Zealand. They claim she is an award-winning children's author, a former copywriter, and currently moonlights as a primary school teacher. It is possible she has a tendency to make things up. This is called lying, unless you write it down – then it is pleasantly referred to as being an author.

Books by Leonie Agnew

The Memory Thief

A magical, award-winning novel about a girl who wants to escape her memories and a troll who is desperately trying to remember his, from the acclaimed author of Conrad Cooper's Last Stand and The Impossible Boy

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Conrad Cooper's Last Stand

Conrad Cooper has just decided that Tane, the god of the forest, is the perfect guy to solve his problems. Leonie Agnew's Conrad Cooper's Last Stand is a surprising, brave and award-winning novel for young readers.

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The Impossible Boy

Can an imaginary friend become real? A spell-binding and exciting new novel from Leonie Agnew, author of the award-winning Conrad Cooper's Last Stand.

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Awards & recognition

Storylines Tom Fitzgibbon Award

Winner  •  2012  •  for Super Finn

LIANZA Junior Fiction Award

Winner  •  2014  •  Esther Glen Medal for Conrad Cooper's Last Stand

Storylines Notable Junior Fiction Award

Awarded  •  2014  •  for Conrad Cooper's Last Stand

David Fickling Books Master of the Inkpot Competition

Winner  •  2015  •  for The Impossible Boy

Storylines Notable Junior Fiction Award

Awarded  •  2017  •  for The Impossible Boy

Storylines Notable Junior Fiction Award

Awarded  •  2021  •  for The Memory Thief

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Former British children's laureate, Chris Riddell, has said The Memory Thief is "Intriguing, exciting, everything about this story captured my imagination." But what do our Puffin Ambassadors think? Read on to find out!