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Meet Puffin, a clever architect who always creates the perfect home for her clients. But her newest clients are VERY hard to please!

Puffin is an architect who always exceeds her clients’ expectations, that is, until she takes on the toughest clients ever – her own pufflings!

Puffin takes her tricky new clients on an inspirational tour of her builds. Together they visit all kinds of cleverly designed spaces - Otter's floating home, Pig's toolshed on wheels, Painter Goose's light-filled studio and Platypus's cosy underground bakehouse.

The pufflings are unimpressed.

Her clients really are a challenge! Will Puffin come up with a puffling-perfect home design?

This gorgeous story, with endearing animal characters, intriguing house designs, ingenious mechanisms and storage solutions to pore over on every page, will spark a brand new generation of architects, engineers and interior designers!


Absolutely gorgeous. It's a picture book done by a New Zealand writer and illustrator, and it's the story of a mother puffin who is an architect. Which is nice for starters because, you know, we don't have a lot of picture books for kids about professional roles for women...It's just so beautifully done; the illustrations are lovely.

Joan Mackenzie, Radio Live

...endearing animals, well-drawn pictures of imaginative houses and a likeable narrator — but then came the moment that shocked Miss Nine and, because of her reaction, stunned me. Puffin the architect is a woman — and why shouldn’t she be? After all, it is 2018 not 1958. But the fact that my daughter was still surprised by that tells me we need more books like Puffin the Architect. It could well spark a whole new generation of architects, engineers and interior designers.

Dionne Christian and Zoe Gadd, Weekend Herald

Delightful story and beautifully illustrated...perfect for read aloud storytime

Sue's Reviews, Wairarapa Times-Age Weekend

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Q&A with Kimberly Andrews

A Q&A with Kimberly Andrews, the talented author/illustrator of Puffin the Architect.


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