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Showtym Adventures

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Showtym Adventures

Kelly Wilson’s bestselling New Zealand junior fiction series is inspired by true stories from the Wilson Sisters’ childhoods. Perfect for any young reader looking for adventure, ponies, friendship and fun!

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Activities and articles

Which Wilson sister are you?

The Wilson sisters might share a love of horses, but each has a very different approach to life and to riding. Are you most like Vicki, Kelly or Amanda? Take this quiz to find out!

Fact behind fiction: the real life Showtym Adventure ponies

Each story in the Showtym Adventures series is inspired by a true event from the Wilson sisters’ childhood, so every pony featured in the series has a real-life counterpart! We talked to Kelly Wilson to find out more about the real-life Showtym ponies.

Showtym Adventures activity pack

Calling all fans of the Showtym Adventures series! We've put together this awesome activity pack just for you.

Showtym Adventures 7: Jackamo, the Supreme Champion

Fourteen-year-old Vicki sat up in bed, her heart racing.