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Article  •  5 April 2022


3 tips to help flatten your glucose curves

For most of us, energy peaks and troughs throughout the day are something we accept as part of life – but what if it didn’t have to be that way?

Author and biochemist Jessie Inchauspé taps into the power of flattening your glucose curves and optimising your blood sugar levels to help improve all areas of your health.

From sleep cycles and cravings to your mood, energy and skin, Glucose Revolution is full of easy-to-implement, science-based hacks to manage your blood sugar levels while still eating the foods you love.

We’ve shared just a snippet of her wisdom on flattening your glucose curves to avoid big dips in energy below, but there are plenty more in Glucose Revolution for you to discover.


What is the right order? It’s fibre first, protein and fat second, starches and sugars last. According to the researchers, the effect of this sequencing is comparable to the effects of diabetes medications that are prescribed to lower glucose spikes.


The goal here is to return to how food used to be, before it was processed: wherever there were starches and sugars, there was also fibre. By adding a delicious green starter, we’re bringing fibre back.


It’s a common assumption that eating something sweet for breakfast is a good thing because it will give us energy. That’s what I thought, growing up, when I spread Nutella on a crepe each morning. But that’s actually not correct: though eating something sweet will give us pleasure, it’s not the best way to give us energy.

The best thing you can do to flatten your glucose curves is to eat a savoury breakfast.

Glucose Revolution Jessie Inchauspe

Improve all areas of your health from your weight, sleep and cravings to your mood, energy and skin – and even slow down ageing – with easy-to-implement, science-based hacks to manage your blood sugar levels while still eating the foods you love.

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